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Discussion in 'Pokemon GO' started by anthonyJackson, Aug 4, 2016.

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  1. anthonyJackson

    anthonyJackson New Member

    Well I just want to share all this strategics points of Pokemon Go in Baltimore, I just moved from L.A and I really having fun here, hope I can meet someone over there, well, here they are:

    • U Shaped Structure
    • American Visionary Art Museum
    • Baltimore Aquarium
    • Reginald F. Lewis Museum
    • USS Constellation - Baltimore Harbor
    • USS Torsk
    • Dragon Boats
    • Babe Rurh Birthplace Museum
    • Babe's Dream
    • Sports Legends Museum

    we have been gathering on Fridays to play and visit different places , usually rented a car service baltimore, it is cheaper just to those who want to join us , or have another idea is welcome.

    I have not found elsewhere, but if anyone knows any share that would be great.

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    Oh I forgot, we are 4 so, the more people the better!
  2. jameswilliam

    jameswilliam New Member

    not far away from me, Newark,DE. Around one and a half hr away. But so sad, I am in a busy schedule.

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