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  1. yellowlob

    yellowlob New Member

    4 Shuppet CG
    3 Banette SW
    4 Murkrow MT
    2 Honchkrow MT
    1 Honchkrow lvl X
    1 Minun SW (extra draw)

    3 Holon Mentor (Used over roseannes and such because i can discard a Banette if i have to)
    2 Celios Network (Searches out anything when necessary)
    2 Cessation Crystal (disruption! helps slow opponents set up that rely on cards like delcatty, and doesnt affect me as long as i dont attatch to a murkrow[does not affect minun power]. Also, attatching to Banette that has 10 hp left causes your opponent to want to ko it)
    2 Strength Charm (extra power is EXTREMELY helpful)
    4 Pluspower (once again, the extra damage is Extremely helpful)
    4 EnergyRemoval2 (extremely disruptive when used on enrgies such as DRE, Scramble, and holons castform)
    2 Castaway (gets psychic energy, cessation or str charm [based on situation] and necessary supporter such as mentor [to discard banette or basic search] or celios )
    2 Team Galactic's Wager (disruptive card and hand refill[winning a wager + dark wing flaps = ownage)
    3 Team Galactic's Mars (more disruption - no one can do much if they dont have a hand)
    2 Steven's Advice (my draw card)
    4 Pokedex HANDY (speed draw card [can play multiple a turn])
    1 Windstorm (for the very very very unlikely battle frontier)
    1 Warp Point (disruption[i can also snipe bench with krow lvlx])
    1 Night Maintenance (shuffle back dead murkrows or shuppets[not banettes!] or the very few energy i run)

    4 Darkness [special]
    5 psychic
    1 Double Rainbow Energy [DRE]
    2 Scramble

    This deck combines the speed and power of banette with the disruption of honchkrow. It also does this while being EXTREMELY energy efficient. (70 damage for no energy with banette and use of energyless murkrows)

    The general strategy is to use Banettes speed and power to quickly knockout your opponents precious basics/evos (in a way, its own disruption) while powering up a honchkrow with special darks and using murkrow to continue the disruption, instead, of the hand. If needed, a honchkrow lvl x with 3-4 special darks (not uncommon in my games played) can knockout most pokemon [even blissey] with the help of pluspowers and str charms stored while your opponent is disrupted. Honchkrow lvl x can attack bench when pokemon try to retreat.

    Both Murkrow and Shuppet are ideal starts, which makes every basic BUT minun [havent been that unlucky yet]
    With shuppet, for one energy, it is able to ascenision and evolve into a Banette by T2, ready to either spiteful pain with another energy or Ghost head for 0 energy, attaching one to a benched murkrow or another shuppet. After the first one dies, you can send up another banette able to spiteful pain for 80 for 2 energy. And even after that, the new banette can ghost head or spiteful pain if you can use a mentor to get another banette into your discard. Meanwhile, you can power a honchkrow.
    With murkrow, the strategy is slightly changed, where instead, you start swarming your murkrows, getting a fast honchkrow, using Banette to support and to attack when you need to stall to attatch more enrgy to a honchkrow or etc.

    How the deck has done:
    So far, i have went undefeated with this deck through one cities, having a good matchup against BlissCatty, Duskqueen, even ttar varients and decks that played battle frontier.

    Some problems i ran into are that banette needs 2 psychics to attack and if you asension with a dark, its useless. Also, if any of my pokemon are prized, that severly limits my swarming capabilities, because swarming is not so useful when you only have 2 murkrows or shuppets[not as bad as two murkrow].

    Any other comments and notes about my list are greatly appreciated.:biggrin:

    yellowlob(ster373) ^.^ [creator of this deck]
    Last edited: Dec 4, 2007
  2. vietgamer1021

    vietgamer1021 New Member

    *points and laughs*


    i really think that u should run more DRE though, since it speeds krows attacks and it doesnt stop banettes first attack, and also i think absol would be a good start for this deck althogh it might ruin the banette consistency, maybe roseannes would help too? since it gets krows and nrg to pwer the krow thatll evolve to honchy.

    thats all for now

    i cant believe i never beat u even with all the play testing matches we played >.<
  3. yellowlob

    yellowlob New Member

    id rather kill than discard XD


    hmmm, prolly should add more DRE anyways... its just so many times, i didnt really need it. =]

    so we calling this emo.dec? XD
  4. vietgamer1021

    vietgamer1021 New Member

    you could try to run TVR in place of stevens, so u can discard banette to do spiteful pain...

    why dont u run 2 Mars for hand killer? XD
  5. yellowlob

    yellowlob New Member

    maybeh...but usually since its not straight banette, when i discard i usually have the mentor, whether drawing it or using a castawya. i think i prefer the massive draw i can get from stevens instead becuase i tend to have a small hand because i play so many trainers.

    2 mars to little =]
  6. mrdraz07

    mrdraz07 New Member

    Is there any room for Absol?
  7. yellowlob

    yellowlob New Member

    not really.... =]
    why does everyone wanna put absol in....=(
  8. vietgamer1021

    vietgamer1021 New Member

    it does help with hand disruption ^^
  9. yellowlob

    yellowlob New Member

    but the goal of this deck isnt pure hand disruption, its speed + power + swarm with a nice added bonus of disruption ^.^
  10. mrdraz07

    mrdraz07 New Member

    Absol = BCIF. I'd at least test it. Also, disruption doesn't really do any good if you don't start doing it right away. Historically that's been the case. Look at Lass+Cleffa or RSA.
  11. yellowlob

    yellowlob New Member

    well i alrdy tested DWD, didnt really like it. but i havent tested absol + banette + honchkrow....maybeh.
    i still like how this deck does in the blissey matchup. Instead of discarding some energies that can be easily brought back by blissey, i can just kill them.
    but i do see how good absol is. discarding their hand was amazing. but i prefer this better i think. ill test it.
  12. vietgamer1021

    vietgamer1021 New Member

    i should think that maybe:

    -1 Wager
    +1 Pokedex

    helps the draw a bit better, since u can play multiple dexes, but not a supporter after the wager
  13. yellowlob

    yellowlob New Member

    i have noticed that i tend to have multiple wager in my hand at the same time.... ill try that =]
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