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Discussion in 'Cards: Strategy and Rulings Discussion' started by garchompx12, Nov 2, 2007.

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  1. garchompx12

    garchompx12 New Member

    hi everyone ive been wondering and does anyone think that its possible to make a modified haymaker?
    alot of new and good cards have shown up and maybe it can lead to a haymaker? if u have any ideas LMK
  2. Sandslash7

    Sandslash7 <a href="

    Um... I'd think that pretty much everyone would consider Lucario/LvX to be a pretty good card to use in a deck like that.

    (even though it's an evolution, but there are very few strong basics like there were in Base/2)

    Throw in 4 Plus Powers and some Castaway and Strength Charm, then some Team Galactics Wager. I'd also say find a sutible pair for Lucario. A basic or stage one that is possibly fighting that spreads damage for cheap NRG. (Maybe Cacturne d CG, IDK)

    Throw in a solid trainer engine, make the pokemon into 4-4(Cacturne if you want) and 4-3-1(Lucario) lines, and maybe toss in a few techs for fun, and you've got a deck.

    Good Luck!

    (Cacturne was just off the top of my head, you could probably find a better card, I'm just too tired to look through the scans to actually find one)
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  3. Rai

    Rai <a href="

    Good decks going around basics, eh?


    Well, everyone can state that the 3 Elves (Azelf, Mespirit, Uxie) are interesting, but no one can state that they're good.

    If you like fast (but don't care if it's a stage 1) beat down, then Kricketune is the obvious choice. Bannette just might become better then Kricketune, we'll have to see... Same applies for Burmy. A less obvious choice for fast beatdown might be Azumarril (the basic can do 30 damage for one colorless energy. And Magmortar's weak to it. Interesting start.)
    On a similar note as Azumarril is the lovelyness of Roserade (should something... decent come to support it :/) Perhaps Parasect...? :/ Heck, even Clefable's actually better then one might think (Metronome for a boost is actually pretty cool, especially when you can evolve the turn it comes into play AND you don't need Cleffa for anything) Snorlax does impressive damage too (when it's evolved. For four energy. Okay. So it's not that impressive. ._.")

    For solid basic pokemon? (Yes, I'm trying to get back on topic. Sue me.) We've got Carnivine, Heracross, Pinsir, Celebi... Ho-oh and Lugia exist too, but I personally don't like either. Absol's fairly good, and it combos nicely with Murkrow flood. Sableye's lovely as well. Luvdisc, Corsola, Smeargle, Stantler all make good starters.

    Any cool ideas coming to you? :X
  4. (TYranitarFReak)

    (TYranitarFReak) New Member

    haymakers arent gonna come back anytime soon. They keep making the basics having stupidly high energy cost and rather insignificant damage (excluding the starter basics.).
  5. thethirdckelly1

    thethirdckelly1 New Member

    I'm surprised no one's mentioned ray ex d. That's an amazing basic, and, like sandslash said, spreads damage for cheap energy. It also works really well with Roseanne's research. Grab ray and a lightning and you're set.

    4 ray ex d
    4 riolu
    3 lucario
    1 lucario lv. X

    It just lacks big damage late game (which early spreading might make up for)
  6. charmander rox

    charmander rox New Member

    If you want only basics...

    try Smeargle, Stantler, Kecleon, Spinda, and Farfetch'd.
  7. Professor Elm

    Professor Elm Active Member

    Farfetch'd is definitely a beast
    T1 30 is great.

    Lugia is also a beast.
    T1 20 and possible energy removal is great, and it has 90 HP.

    Ray ex d is definitely a good one too.
    I suggest you base your deck on those 3 pokemon.

    Farfetch'd can grab that T1 donk, Lugia is a beast and can get a OHKO if the field is right, and Quazza is downright nasty being able to do up to 50 to a pokemon w/ Poke-Power.

    I suggest you wait until the new Mewtwo comes out. That looks very promising for the Haymaker archetype.
    T2 60 is very nice.

    4 Pluspower and 4 Strength Charm should be staple in these decks though
    stage 1s to consider
    Donphan (rapid spin is SO annoying)
    Raticate (The epitome of energy efficient attacks)
    Lucario (a beast, hands down)
  8. pichu bros. rox

    pichu bros. rox New Member

    I like Carnivine too.
  9. garchompx12

    garchompx12 New Member

    i was looking at the cards i got in prerealeses/drafts and i think that the mew SW is pretty good(1 psy 2 colorless copy from your opponents discard pile, and pretty good first attack, which is energyless)
  10. Luxatos

    Luxatos <a href="

    I built a modern haymaker with Heracross and Carnivine... Also kind of wavered on a non-grass Pokemon but Rayquaza ex and Jirachi ex are good options. I personally used Wobbuffet, but also considered MT Magmar for its 20-for-one attack. PK Mawile is a good one too, for both hand disruption and setup. Unown E is probably a good idea. Newer cards I'd use include Lugia and Farfetch'd which have already been mentioned, and I definitely like the Mewtwo from the next set.

    The deck I built didn't do very well, though, especially considering how fast evolution decks are now compared to when the game started.
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