Basic Thunder!!

Discussion in 'Deck Help and Strategy' started by MrMeches, Jun 13, 2008.

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  1. MrMeches

    MrMeches New Member

    Well, it was asked of me to throwsome decks together that might have some potential.. so here is another from my lab (it is a couch, table and laptop)!

    Pokemon 15

    4 Rotom
    3 Raikou
    3 Zapdos
    2 Mudkip (CG Submerge)
    2 Unown Q
    1 Lunatone

    Trainers 26

    Modified Fishing Engine
    4 Quickball
    4 Pokenav
    4 Pokedex
    3 Professor Birch
    4 TV Reporter
    3 Holon Mentor
    2 Night Maintenance/ TSD
    2 Warp Point

    Energy 19

    19 Electric

    OK.. so simple strategy right.. not so fast, each attachment is key at the beginning of the game! The most difficult determination is to attach to what pokemon when. Obvious Start is Raikou Benched with a Rotom active! This allows the possibility of getting a Mentor going with grabbing a Lunatone, Q, and Zappy! The Tone is for discarding early game to setup Rotom for the early Raikou! The Fishing Engine is there for quick thinning of the deck to open up hitting the Energy wiht Raikou for a faster Setup on Zapdos. I know that you will miss attaching to Raikou for the extra Damage spread, but it is the quick hit you really want!

    Pokenav also helps in a couple of ways.. it sets Raikou up so you know what is at the top 3 (remember this search can fail) and it allows you to get you those basics you need! Pokedex is another great card here since it help with the thinning! The only bad thing there, is if it is an energy, you lose that Raikou damage!

    I know most people play Zappy str8 out, but with Pachi still hitting and other Raichu decks hitting, that electric weakness can hurt so this is why I found a Backup hitter!

    An option I thought of was to use Dual Ball from CG over Quick Ball to give you more of a definite selection but it is based on a flip.... have to test it out a little more to see my odds!

    So there you have it.. Basic Thunder!

    Thanks and yes I realize some will say to use Claydol, but htis is not a setup and draw deck, it is a Thinn and discard deck.. very different strategy!

    Prof. Fish
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  2. Ardoptres

    Ardoptres New Member

    Why mudkip? the body only works on itself.
  3. MrMeches

    MrMeches New Member

    It protects against Zappys damage. You target Mudkip with the 40 from Zapdos so nothing of our takes damage.. ntm you can't get benched as easy since it can't be sniped! Also, you can search for it with mentor or hit it with QuickBal/Dual Ball!
  4. Prime

    Prime Content Developer<br>Blog Admin<br>Contest Host

    be great to put in a Swampert ex for it's poke-power to power a Zapdos or Raikou extra quickly. Might as well think about it since your already running Mudkipz.

    TODDakaESTEBAN New Member

    yeah or just use gyrados,

    either way good work,
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