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Discussion in 'Battle Roads' started by empoleonperson, Oct 5, 2007.

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  1. empoleonperson

    empoleonperson Active Member

    im bored and how long does cut and paste take?

    Well i started in May and this is how i got into the game by a battle road.

    So anyway my deck was empoleon and lucario. I woke up early because I\'d been looking to this for the whole week. I had a good feeling about my deck anyway to the good part.

    Round 1 V.S. / with a bunch of mt cards.

    So i start with a riolu and he starts with a geodude and a surskit? Anyway I just start beating him up by doing 40 20 with lucario i took about 4 prizes before he had no basics. all he could do was 30 with a fossil\'s power to lucario.
    Round 2 V.S. with gardevoir ex/ delta deck
    Well this game i mullagained about 6 timesbut i drew in amazing hand a team galactic\'s wager, a empoleon, energy, rare candy, and a piplup. After, I played the tgw he couldnt come back and i take all my prizes with lucariolvx/ empoleonlvx.
    Round 3 V.s. Kricketune

    Now this is a deck i have trouble with but i battled some guy with it before the br and i beat him but he made some mistakes. I mullagain once but he doesnt! Amazing! Anyway he brings the 3 kricketots out after ccf. Piplups about to get murdered so i attach an energy to the bench one and peck.
    I thought i lost but he has no energy so after evoloning all 3 he passes. Yes! after that i evolve into prinplup and attach energy. then it was one hit ko for empoleon because pluspowers. And i win.

    Lunch break me and my cousin split some pizzas which wasnt that bad.

    Round 4 V.s Blissey

    This deck gives me trouble too. And this battle was for 1 st place and 1 more round. I start with riolu do 40 to happiny he evoles to 0 dang it. But after that i evolve play bf and lucarios does his thing. He eventaully knocks out lucario after i did 80 to delcatty ex. But i just aqua shower it for two prizes and a celio\'s. I evantually win because he cant draw a windstorm which he has 4 of. Amazing Luck.

    Round 5 V.s. Electervire rayquzza ex raichu pk
    I should have the upper hand but nope all i have is a lucario and with power evlotuion he draws rayquazza ex dang it because i didnt cut. He end s up killing me with rayquzza ex and his power.

    Im 2nd and my cosuin 4th but he got dq\'ed because he changed some cards so 1st place moves on which could have been me but now i play:

    Top cut 4 V.s same guy in round 5.

    Game 1 he kills me with rayquzza ex.

    Game 2 Better game he goes down to small hand. once i point out he cant use ray ex\'s power he kind of loses because of lucario.

    Game 3 Starts with piplup v.s. ray ex and a lucario.
    He attaches passes. i peck him for 10 and lake boundary and 30 =\'s buzzzz penguined. dont have fightinig or lucario so i end up losing.

    me getting 3rd
    awsome judges
    cool people

    my cousin getting dq\'ed
    me losing to ray ex but still proably lose to blissey

  2. Mewchou

    Mewchou Member

    Nice job. Was this your first tournament? What city and age group?
  3. empoleonperson

    empoleonperson Active Member

    mesquite but i live in garland Texas i m in senoiors thanks

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