Bellosom LV.X

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  1. clmnt

    clmnt New Member

    Bellosom LV.X :grass:
    HP 120

    Once durin your turn (before you attack), if Bellosom LV.X i your active pokemon, you may search your deck for a bsic :grass: energy card and attach it to any of your pokemon. This power can't be used if Bellosom LV.X is affected a special condition.

    :grass::grass::grass: BLOOMING SEASON 40+
    This attack does 40 plus 10 more damage for each of :grass: type pokemon in play.

    Weakness - :fire:X2
    Resistance - :water:-30
    Retreat Cost - :colorless
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  2. charmander rox

    charmander rox New Member

    Summoning Dance is a bit overpowered, and Blooming Season is odd in that no Bellosom count.
  3. clmnt

    clmnt New Member


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