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  1. The Hotness

    The Hotness New Member

    This was a little idea i had for damage spread on your opponent....i was looking through my book of cards yesterday and i saw the new ampharos, i wanted to play it, so i paired it up with manetric from MT, i spreads damage in 20's pretty quick, Heres the list:

    Pokemon: 21

    4 Ampharos SW
    3 Flaffy SW
    4 Mareep SW

    4 Manetric MT
    4 Electrike CG

    1 Smeargle SW (energy searcher)
    1 chingling MT (supporter searcher)

    Trainers: 23

    2 Holon Mentor
    3 Rare candy
    1 Master ball
    2 Island hermit
    2 TV reporter
    2 Rosannes Research
    2 Team Galactics Mars
    1 Copycat
    2 Celios network
    3 Warp point
    2 Plus power
    1 Oak's reasearch

    Energy: 16

    14 Electric
    2 DRE

    The strategy is basically to spread alot of damage, Ampharos's Jamming pokebody is awesome, while also doing 70 to active and the possibility of droping all energy for 20 to all opponents pokemon as well it make your opponent hesitant to play supporters. Manetric is also damage spread by 20, chain lightning does 70 to active and 20 to bench with same type as thier active, and the free retreat is awesome, you pretty much one shot anything they bring out because its been damaged by 50-70 damage just from the 20's and 10's

    Please dont critizize my deck its a great idea in my eyes...i should hope the same for you

    POST ONLY FIXES!!! Thanks
  2. Dunsparce Fan 206

    Dunsparce Fan 206 New Member

    I'd say take out 1-1 manectric (oh yeah and use at least 1 MT Electirke.) After that, Here's what I'd do to the trainers:

    -2 mentor
    -1 master ball
    -2 island hermit
    -2 TVR
    -1 TGM
    -1 copycat
    -2 warp point
    -1 oak's research

    +1 Rosanne's
    +2 oak's visit
    +1 celio's
    +3 Great Ball
    +2 Windstorm
    +2 Steven's Advice
    +2 Switch

    Hope that helps. I like your idea.
  3. Darkwalker

    Darkwalker New Member

    The first thing I would think about changing is adding in some non-Lighting energy to help Ampharos to attack. Heal, Warp, or Cyclone Energy could all be put to good use in here. I'm not sure how much I like DRE in this as the -10 will reduce the damage spread you are trying to achieve, Srcamble might be a better choice or a mixture of the two.
    I would also like to see something that can retrieve all the energy you will be dumping into the discard from your pokemon getting KO'd (Manetric doesn't have that many HP) or attacking with Ampharos. Night Maintenence could work or something like Electavire (SW) or Blissey (MT) for a late game sweeper.
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  4. The Hotness

    The Hotness New Member

    wow...i didnt even think about cyclone or warp energy, thanks
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