Best Hawaii Report ever.

Discussion in 'World Championships' started by gregster, Aug 27, 2007.

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  1. gregster

    gregster New Member

    This report will talk about our experience in the most beautiful place on earth, Hawaii. My son won a trip, so we ended up going for 12 days total. We went a day early and stayed a full week after, all on the big island.

    Day 1, Aug 8th, after landing about 7pm, picked up car, drove to Kona Seaside hotel.

    Day 2, got up, wandered around Kona, charming little town, with ocean right there. The pier allows boats to come in, while swimming is allowed in a area sectioned off. Ckecked out of Seaside and headed north. I heard about a black sand beach just before the Hilton, called Kiholo. It is an unmarked beach and not in any tour books. We found the beach and it was stunning, just gorgeous. We went snorkelling on the reef and saw all manner of fish. Checked in at Hilton.

    Day 3, Grinder. I decided to run my son's deck to give it a test run, ended up a respectable 5-3, including a game with 1 pokemon, no supporters and quick loss and a win that became a loss because I muffed up. We decided he should stick with the deck. We ate ice cream and other sugary stuff at the social, it was too much sugar.

    Day 4, Main event, my son goes a really dissappointing 3-3. Played in the late nite mutent draft.

    Day 5, Hung around, watched some matches and an awesome closing ceremony. Stayed up late in the gaming room with the gang.

    Day 6, check out day. slept in, packed and left. We went to the King's shop's and visited the petroglyph field, which are the biggest on the Island, quite impressive. Then we went back to Kiholo beach for a swim, water a bit rough due to flossie. Back to Kona Seaside hotel.

    Day 7, we hoped to do an activity, so I went to the activity desk at Kona Beach, and the girl said everything was cancelled because of huricane flossie. So we decided to drive south to the city of refuge, it was closed, there we went swimming in honaunau bay and then drove to kealekekua bay, near the captain cook monument. Unbelievable snorkelling, best in the entire state of Hawaii, I have been told, and I believe it.

    Day 8, did the submarine activity, quite good, but a bit pricey. Then we went to the Hullihee palace, where the Hawaiian royalty used to live, and then the Mokuaikaua Church, which was founded in 1820, and has a history that mirrors James Mitchener's Hawaii. went back to city of refuge, now open, good history at the city, not to be missed if you like history.

    Day 9, went to Volcano National Park, best deal on the Island, $10 per car gets you in. We did the crater rim drive for an overview of the park, then did a 2 hour hike down the IKI trail to the floor of the volcano. Then we did the Thurston lava tube. This was unbelievable. If you went to Hawaii and you did not go to the Volcano, you missed one of the greatest things, I have ever seen in my life. Words can't describe what it is like to walk across the floor of a volcano, looking up 200 feet to the rim, where your car is parked, the wall is overgrown with trees and the hike up/down is also good. If you missed this and ever go back to Hawaii, make this a priority to see.

    to be continued...
  2. Lakak

    Lakak New Member

    erm....too bad your son didn't make it?

    I srsly have no clue what to say.
  3. Pokekid

    Pokekid New Member

    Hope you had lots of fun Greg, along with Brian.
    Shame I couldn't be there this year.
    Though I'm sure well all be playing in Orlando next year.
    Good luck this season.
  4. deckmaster

    deckmaster Active Member

    Good job Greg! Glad you had fun! They were charging $200.00 for a 1 hour helicopter ride, yeash....

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