Bianchi's List(H.UxieX, FlygonX ApeX, Heat Rotom,JPN DeckBox, Sleeves.TSD PGX DGX, DG

Discussion in 'Trading Post' started by Krayzie, Feb 4, 2008.

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  1. Krayzie

    Krayzie New Member

    No thanks........
  2. PokemansForGeeks

    PokemansForGeeks New Member


    How's this sound -

    x1 Glaceon lvX
    x2 POW hand extension (english)

    x2 Baltoy
    x2 Claydol
    x1 Rare Candy

    LMK Thanks bud
  3. ljgenco12

    ljgenco12 New Member

    Can you make an offer for it
  4. Krayzie

    Krayzie New Member

    uxie lvl x

    for my
    pick 2
    SW Mew x1
    GE Darkrai #3 x1
    GE Darkrai #4 x1
    LA Gliscor x1
    LA Mamoswine x1

    Empoleon lvX x1 tin OR
    Infernape lvX x1 tin

  5. ljgenco12

    ljgenco12 New Member

    I'll only trade Lv X for Lv X
  6. Krayzie

    Krayzie New Member

    Ok so do you want ape or empo?
  7. PokemanMaster

    PokemanMaster New Member

    CML for 2 Claydol GE.
  8. SnorlaxDude

    SnorlaxDude New Member

    could you see my list for x1 Claydol GE?
  9. ljgenco12

    ljgenco12 New Member

    that would be a completely unfair trade seeing as how my lv x is worth about 5 times more than your tin promo is
  10. PokemanMaster

    PokemanMaster New Member

    How bout':


    2 Uxie JPN
    1 Azelf JPN


    1 Claydol

    Counter of accept?
  11. Geo15721

    Geo15721 New Member

    hey, you skipped me :(
  12. PorygonX

    PorygonX New Member

    My Uxie Lv. X for your Gliscor? lmk.
  13. PokemansForGeeks

    PokemansForGeeks New Member

    Yea I got skipped too Bianchi.

    I need those Claydols so LMK thanks
  14. Krayzie

    Krayzie New Member

    ligenco : Thats why I offered you 2 foils + a lvl x.

    SnorlaxDude: Didnt see anything.

    No thanks Alex.

    Pokemonmaster: No thanks.

    Porygonx: If its mint and english its a deal. Ill pm you.
  15. Geo15721

    Geo15721 New Member

    you skipped me again
  16. Krayzie

    Krayzie New Member

    "All I saw was the leafeon and 2x Cynthia."

    That was my reply, post 20.
  17. Geo15721

    Geo15721 New Member

    do you want me to make an offer
    how about:

    Leafeon Lv. X
    Cynthia's x2



  18. Krayzie

    Krayzie New Member

    Geo: I'll pass.

  19. brick11

    brick11 New Member

    1 Mesprit lv X jpnse
    1 Uxie LA rev holo
    1 Azelf LA rev holo
    1 Kingdra LA
    3 Cynthia's Feelings 1 rev holo
    1 Call Energy

    2 claydol
  20. Geo15721

    Geo15721 New Member

    is there anything else I can add? Like kingdra LA RH?
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