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Discussion in 'Regional Championships' started by Bidier, Apr 13, 2008.

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  1. Bidier

    Bidier New Member

    so, i left Vancouver on Thursday and arrived at Edmonton also on Thursday :D check in a hotel in Downtown around noon, didnt do much after besides shopping and eat. went to WEM on Firday and played with few friends at the Mayfield Inn that night. and than Saturday is Regional :p

    walked in, talked to Gordon and his firends (the elite four and league champion of the Alberta region). it only took more than 2 hours for deck check and sutff, and realized dice is not allowed to use as damage counter in Alberta :( so that was pretty interesting :p

    anyways, lets get to the part where most people will want to read. i played Flygon δ ex, very old school, deck list can be found in the Deck Help and Strategy Forum.

    *if i misspell or forgot your name, am really sorry. and if some know anything, please let me know :D *

    Round 1

    Bidier vs Stuart (Empoleon / Furret / Cessation Crystal)

    he got out a quick lvX, supreme command and got both of my windstroms, and attached cessation crystal, and just started to KO, couldnt get much set up after so ...

    0 - 1

    Round 2

    Bidier vs Mike (Miltank / Farfetch'd / Ampharos)

    he has pokeball and potions in the deck, so it wasnt really a fair much, therefore am not gonna go much into the details.

    1 - 1

    Round 3

    Bidier vs _____ (Raichu / Togekiss)

    castform start with full bench, turn two attacked with Flygon δ ex , and that was it.

    2 - 1

    Round 4

    Bidier vs _____ (Exploud / Porygon / Infernape)

    i got castform start with no energy nor bench, but after he mulligan five times, i got everything i needed. so turn two attacked with Flygon δ ex.

    3 - 1

    Round 5

    Bidier vs Erik (Darkrai / Houndoom)

    well, seeing it's top 8 cut, and 4 - 1 will make it and 3 - 2 will be dangerous, plus the fact of most of the people i beat ended up with 3 or more loses, we both needed this. i had a castform start with a spearow on the bench. he turn two my castform, which put me in a very bad spot, he seems pretty happy from the look of it. i than draw into trapinch, warp point out his claydol, big bite for 30 and got a extra turn basically. next 2 turns i manage to set up everything i needed, got two Flygon δ ex, 2 Flygon δ, and a Fearow δ. with enough energy to retreat when he try to darkness roar. at the end, sand damage + psychic pulse adds up, giving me enough KOs so he has no more bench left.

    4 - 1

    Round 6 Top 8

    Bidier vs Andrew

    Game 1

    he manage to get a early lock on me, so no set up, pretty much cost me the game, so i decide to give up and go to game 2.

    0 - 1

    Game 2

    again, early lock, but i did get some setup and with the weakness, i was able to get enough prizes to stay in the game. once he's gallade come up, good bye flygon δ ex and 2 prizes. seems like am at a very tight spot, but he made a major miss play, bring down his own gallade with his lvX, which gave me the game win.

    1 - 1

    Game 3

    near the end of game 2, we were told there's less than 15 min left, so by the time we set up and started game 3, we had about 5 min, so i decide to go for early KOs instead slow set up, we played quick turns and exchanged prizes but at the end it didnt work out for me :(

    1 - 2

    over all it was fun day, and i'll try and finish this report some other time, didnt get much sleep there and had a 7 am fly back to vancouver, so am going to bed :)
  2. sar86

    sar86 New Member

    Good Job on the T8 finish! I came very close to playing flygon ex d/flygon d, but I was going to play it with Claydol
    Hope to see you @ Nationals (If I can afford the plane ticket... last I checked It'd cost me $950 for the round trip :nonono:)
  3. Bidier

    Bidier New Member

    thanks, and wow, $950 !!!!!!! last time i went to Nats it was like $400, guess is different nowadays :p but hope you guys can make it out here :)
  4. smacktack15

    smacktack15 New Member

    Great job and good luck at nats (I wish I could go) anyways great job:)

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