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Discussion in 'Deck Help and Strategy' started by ultimatedra, May 24, 2008.

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  1. ultimatedra

    ultimatedra New Member

    Have you ever stopped and said...i dont want to eat this! it is a work of art!

    well, if you have good for you. here is my deck

    Pokemon: 14
    x2 garchomp LV. X
    x2 Garchomp
    x4 Gibble

    x2 Empoleon (DP)
    x2 Blaziken (ge)
    x2 Slalamence (SW..i think)

    Trainers: 28
    x4 Quick Ball
    x4 Primer Ball
    x4 rare candy
    x4 Pokedex
    x4 Galactics wager
    x4 Felicitys drawing
    x4 celeos network

    Energy: 18
    x9 water
    x9 fire

    thoughts? comments? smart remarks?

    ~Professor ultimatedra~
  2. nosada

    nosada New Member

    get a lunatone *pika*
  3. The Machampion

    The Machampion New Member

    take out 2 water and 2 fire and add in 4 spychichs
  4. charchar

    charchar New Member

    the only thing u can discard with is felics drawing. once u use 2 or 3. it will be hard to get out. 2-2 claydol or lunatone and solrock or furret. ever though of running other types of energy for garchomp? 4 basics, ALOT of mologuins, always gible. u will eventually HAVE to get garchomp out with a rare candy. maybe some more basics or mabye at least SOME gibite.
  5. Garch

    Garch <a href="

    I suggest using techs that don't discard energy, like gallade. (Quite useful) Also, you should use a few gabite. If they get Kabutops out...
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