bite and kiss (comments pleeeaase!)

Discussion in 'Deck Help and Strategy' started by catstarch7, Mar 6, 2008.

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  1. catstarch7

    catstarch7 New Member

    4-3-3 Garchomp
    1 ho-oh sw
    2 smeargle sw
    2 spinds sw
    2-2-1 togekiss
    2-1 furret
    3 psy
    1 holon ff
    3 wat
    2 grass
    2 metal
    3 fight
    2 dark
    3 elec
    3 fire
    1 night maint.
    1 island hermit
    3 bebe's
    1 lake boundary
    1 holon ment.
    3 prof elm's
    1 tv rep
    1 drakes stad.
    1prof birch
    1 mr stone's
    1 bill's maint.

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    i know that i need more trainers but which ones?
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  2. pikachual

    pikachual New Member

    - 1 bill's

    + 1 prof oak visit (get to look at cards before deciding which to put back in deck)

    also where is roseannes research to help you get energy which opponent might be weak to?

    Good luck....worthy start
  3. Azure Kite

    Azure Kite New Member

    You need to have your lines as 4-3-4 or 3-2-3. And you need a 2-2 Furret line. AND WHERE ARE YOUR RARE CANDY'S, MAN?! NO Togekiss deck can run without RC's. Atleast not to my knowledge. As I have said on 2 other threads, I played a Togekiss Garchomp deck that also used a 2-2 Blissy line. As I recall the deck made like 4th or something. I don't think you need the spinds. I say take out the spinds and smeargles and put in more Ho-Oh's. No FF's either, they just don't really work in the deck.
  4. catstarch7

    catstarch7 New Member

    if i had them the would be in there.
    i need another furret and another or maybe two togekiss
  5. Cephalized

    Cephalized <a href="

    your deck gets destroyed by swift empoleon running cessations/battle frontier and buffers, <3
    50 dmg garchomps


    pokemon 18
    4-3-4 garchomp
    3-1-3 togekiss

    trainers 25

    4 rare candy
    2 nightmaintenence
    4 celios
    2 rosseane
    4 prof oaks visit
    2 windstorm
    4 quick ball
    3 dusk ball

    energy 17

    4 fighting
    3 water
    3 lightning
    4 psychic
    2 fire
    1 grass
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  6. catstarch7

    catstarch7 New Member

    i did some editing.
    4-3-3 garchomp
    2 ho-oh SW
    2-2-1 togekiss (i know i need more)
    1 smeargleSW

    trainers 21
    1 leftovers
    1 oak's visit
    2 rare candy
    1 tv reporter
    4 bebe's search
    3 elm's training
    1 drakes
    1 night maint
    1 prof rowan
    1 prof birch
    2 roseannes
    1 holon mentor
    1 stones
    1island hermit

    energies 21
    3 of each basice but only 2 metals, darks, and grass
    so yea
  7. MarchenHG

    MarchenHG New Member

    You could probably live without the elms, and you might want to add something to help your draw, like claydol or DF electabuzz.
  8. skarmory777

    skarmory777 New Member

    You need to pick one main attacker. Ho-oh or Garchomp and focus the deck around them. I run the Ho-oh just for the fact that he can keep coming back for more and usually get two or three KO's before I flip the tails. The right combonation of cards(which is happens more often then not) and I can grab the T2 Ho-oh hitting for 100. You need more bebe's and maintenace and a draw pokemon as well as a starter like claydol and pachirisu.
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