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  1. SupremeBlader22

    SupremeBlader22 New Member

    of all the blaze decks out there... this is my fav so enjoy

    Torchic(DR) x4
    Combusken(R/S) x2
    Blaziken x4
    Skitty(R/S) x2
    Delcatty(draw) x2
    Vulpix(AQ) x3
    Ninetails(EXP) x3
    Dunsparce(SS) x3

    Professor Oak's Research x4
    TV Reporter x4
    Oracle x4
    Rare Candy x3
    Crystal Shard x2
    High Pressure System x2
    Copycat x2

    Fire Energy x16

    Sparce to get all the bases i need for the big boys. TVreporter/oracle/delcatty r all awesome cuz i get good stuff and discardin energies for starter. Tails can OHKO ne of the big guys(AmphyEX,KingdraEX etc) and blaze/shard OHKO quazas and i get to draw 2 prizes! High Pressure System wit Tails for free retreat. Candy is quick(duh!) and POR and copycats..nugh said. out of the 9 times i've played wit this deck i've only lost once(to magnechu wit his king EX deck by 1 prize!! but i schooled his amphyEX deck twice so) but ya. plz give comments!
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