Blissey combos?

Discussion in 'Cards: Strategy and Rulings Discussion' started by empoleonperson, May 26, 2008.

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  1. empoleonperson

    empoleonperson Active Member

    What can you/ could you combine blissey with? thats actually really good. And dont tell me any techs to counter gallade as that as your auto lost pretty much.
  2. Flygon999

    Flygon999 New Member

  3. mrdraz07

    mrdraz07 New Member

    Leafeon's pretty good.
  4. Kettler just won with Blissey. Did you get a chance to see any of his games?
  5. Never Die

    Never Die New Member

    Leafeon is definitely pretty good. If you're used to building up a couple of Blisseys and maybe a secondary Pokemon, totally invest in the Level X for major, major damage. If you don't want to attack with Leafeon, its Energy Forcing is a great asset, allowing you to put more energies on your Blissey for more power.
  6. Naki Feralkin

    Naki Feralkin New Member

    I concur. I just made a deck of that variety and my sister played it for me at BR last week (I was judging) and it put her really near top cut in Masters off of very little practice.

    I might need to make a few fixes to it, but other than that its definitely an impressive combo.

    Don't forget Garchomp. That guy can put your Blisseys back into play at maximum potential.

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