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  1. Dragonboy flygon

    Dragonboy flygon New Member

    I wanted to play an absol variation so i tried blissol.Here is the list:

    4 absol
    4 chansey
    4 blissey

    3 castaway
    2 cessation crystal
    2 strength charm
    4 pluspower
    3 roseannes research
    2 TSD
    4 celio network
    3 TGM
    1 copycat
    1 TGW
    4 ER2
    1 warp point
    2 TVR

    4 boost energy
    4 holon energy FF
    4 Fire energy
    4 fighting energy

    strategy:T1 with absol discarding all opponents cards from his/her hands.After abso is KOed or the opponents hand is crippled,blissey can finish the opponent.Disruption is the key in this deck.It utilizes cards like TGM,TGW,ER2,warp point,etc.Please help on this deck.
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  2. dragonite1234

    dragonite1234 New Member

    2 scramble...
  3. Dragonboy flygon

    Dragonboy flygon New Member

    boost energy>>>scramble cos i dont have to be losing to use it
  4. Rashad

    Rashad New Member

    -1 castaway,-2 TGM for 3 TV reporters, -3 Roseannes Research for 3 Holon Mentor
  5. Dragonboy flygon

    Dragonboy flygon New Member

    for blisey i feel roseannes is better than mentor.edited
  6. Abuse the power of absol, use 4 TGW and 4 TGM lol jks
    +1-2 TGW
    -1 copycat
  7. mewlover777

    mewlover777 New Member

    I won a CC with deck! Very good trainer list I would run 3 TVRs tho and no fightings 1 scramble for just incase and add 3 fires otherwise, VERY GOOD DECKLIST and roseane's>mentor anytime anyday with deck

    this deck usually beats gardilade because you wil usually be able to windsotmr all of your opponent's windsotmr most of the time so as long as you play smart this can beat almst any deck
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