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  1. silenth

    silenth New Member

    im trying to get something pretty quick and powerful ready for provincials ive toyed with a few ideas so heres my most recent. i like potential speed and power but theres this gross fighting weakness. looking for help please.

    pokemon 18
    chansey 4
    blissey 4
    sneasle 3
    weavile sw 3
    darkrai lvl40 2
    darkrai lvlx 2

    trainer 28
    windstorm 2
    moonlight stad 2
    rare candy 2
    tvr 3
    rosannes 3
    night maint 2
    premier ball 1
    celios 3
    warp point 2
    castaway 3
    strength 2
    pluspower 3

    energy 14
    dark 8
    sp dark 4
    boost 2

    well sneasle start to get a quick weavile and get energy down fast. works with chansey start too. rare candys are there for a little speed and potential turn 2. darkrai gives that extra push with each dark energy. got 2 different stadiums for different occasions pluspower and strenght charms for that extra dmg. let me know what you all think. ive also thought of using gyarados and mars for power and interuption. if u think this is a better route let me know too.
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  2. garlade 07

    garlade 07 New Member


    Back to back posts merged. The following information has been added:

    its a litte slow
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  3. silenth

    silenth New Member

    decided i need some warpoints so i tossed a cpl in anyone think anything else? how can i fix that speed problem?
  4. Flygon999

    Flygon999 New Member

    I'v tested this deck and I think It's very good :). it is slow but it's not that slow. Just try to start out with Weavile.
    -2 Boost ( I never seemed to need it although a have tried it)
    +2 Basic Dark
    -1 Castaway
    +1 Scott ( you need it to get out Moonlight stadium)
    -1 Plus Power
    +1 TV Reporter ( you need more drawing cards)
    Oh Yeah, TAKE OUT THE RARE CANDIES!!!!! }(
    -1 Roseanne's Research
    +1 Holon Mentor
  5. silenth

    silenth New Member

    cool ill try some of that out... what would i put in for the candies (i just put them in so i can add a bit of speed, gets weavile or blissey out faster)
  6. dark celebi

    dark celebi New Member

    The guy is rigth the candies is not worth it. Play 4 TVR and 4 celios network. I cant see any way to get rid of the figthing weakness :(
  7. mo1tekamex

    mo1tekamex New Member

    more than just 1 premier ball... chances are you might not even get it in your hand/used it too early in the game.. bare minimum 2 (although 3 might be ideal)

    even consider 3-1 darkrai. in my experimental dark deck, i use 3-1 and 3 premier balls with 3-3 weavile.
  8. zman22674

    zman22674 New Member

    Hmmm, I had built a deck last weekend with this same idea, but mine is a little different and I have yet to test it.

    Pokemon (18):
    1x Darkrai Lv. X
    2x Darkrai Lv. 40
    1x Darkrai Lv. 38 (tech against Cresselia if needed)
    2x Weavile SW
    1x Weavile DP
    3x Sneasel DP
    3x Blissey SW
    3x Chansey SW
    2x Unown G (tech against Gallade)

    Trainers (24):
    3x Quick Ball
    3x Night Maintenance
    3x Celio's Network
    3x Team Galactic's Mars
    3x TV Reporter
    3x Roseanne's Research
    2x Scott
    1x Sidney's Stadium (tech against anything that uses powers to place Sleep/Confusion/Paralysis)
    3x Moonlight Stadium

    Energy (18):
    14 Basic Dark
    4 Special Dark

    Strategy is to use Weavile SW to search for the energy needed and power up a Darkrai or Blissey. The 1 lone Weavile DP is there to be a heavy hitter if Blissey is not available (deck testing without Blissey's a week ago, I was hitting with a Weavile DP for 160 each turn). Unown G is there to prevent the damage counters from Gallade. Scott to search for Supporters and Stadiums. The Sydney's Stadium is there to prevent PokeBodies from placing Sleep/Confusion/Paralysis because Unown G only prevents from attacks.

    I was thinking about running a 2-2 line on Darkrai Lv. 40 and Lv. X, but I hate to see both my regular Darkrais be in my prizes and that leaves me a lil stuck, although Blissey would still be able to handle itself.

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