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    So here I go again with another tourney report! After my 4-2 record at states with G&G I decided after much contemplation the day before to stick with it. There was a small turnout for this one (to my surprise). There were 4 juniors, 5 seniors and 18 Masters. The JR and SR divisons didn't have a top cut so they awarded the prizes based on records in the swiss rounds, the Masters top-cut to 4.

    Game 1 Anthony (vs a Dark deck w/ darkrai)
    We flip he goes first
    I start with Baltoy, him with Darkrai
    Turn 1: he draws attaches, atks
    my turn 1: draw, attach fighting to Baltoy, play ralts on bench, pass
    Turn 2: he plays felicity's attacks again
    my turn 2: draw, rare candy to Gardy, telepass for felicity's, draw energy, Celio's for Claydol
    attach psychic energy to Claydol, strength charm, plus power game!


    Game 2 vs Brian Bay (Garchomp/Rampardos)
    I start with Baltoy again, and procede to set up my bench, he atks me once with push down, but then opts to not atk me again to allow my pokemon out, eventually I retreat and have a full set up with Claydol, Gardy lv X and Gallade and even Dusky. So bascially I psychic locked and brought down everything and used Gallade to finish it off.


    Game 3 vs Frankie Durso (Bliss/Banette)
    Now this was the one guy in all the tournament who I did not want to face, he has come to TimeWarp a few times and I have the utmost respect for him. I start once again with a Baltoy. For a while I hung in there with him but he got Cessation Crystal out and I lost a wager. On top of that when psychic cutting his blissy I overlooked the DRE I had attached so I miscalculated the damage. So as you can guess he won.


    Game 4 vs another Anthony (Garchomp/Porygon-Z)
    This game was basically a repeat of game 2 except he opted to keep push downing with Gible.
    So I kept retreating and atking eventually Gardy lv X just cleaned up shop.


    Once again I had an outside shot of getting into the top cut, I calculated that my opponent's records were 2-2, 4-0 and 1-3, 2-2 so I was concerned that my resistance wasn't gonna be good enough since there were already two people with 4-0 records. So just incase I got my deck sorted out and then the news came that I made the cut in 3rd place! I was soo happy being that it was my first ever topcut

    So the placement looked like this
    1. Frankie Durso (Bliss/Banette)
    2. Leon (G&G)
    3. ME!!! (G&G)
    4. Caleb Johnson (G&G)

    So my first mirror match of the day comes in the Top 4 round
    Game 1: Needless to say i got a Baltoy start again, I took the first prize thanks to a pluspowered Spinning Atk but unfortunately it was all down hill from there. and he took game 1, 4 prizes to 0
    Game 2: Got Pachi start, opted to go for setting up my bench since I had already gotten a good bench with ralts and baltoy soon to follow, but unfortunately he Baleful winded my whole hand and I spent the rest of the game relying on topdecks, so I ended getting destroyed in game 2.


    Props: My first top cut
    Gardy Lv X, cleaning house
    getting a relatively easy 4 swiss rounds

    Slops: Getting destroyed in top cut
    4 out of 5 games with Baltoy starts

    Next stop TimeWarp!
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