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Discussion in 'Deck Help and Strategy' started by nikePK, Nov 27, 2003.

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  1. nikePK

    nikePK New Member

    I've been testing beedrill a few ways, and I think this way can be decent so long as I can get a few healing stuff jam packed in there for good ol' Mewtwo ex.

    Anyway, here's the decklist... strat afterwards.

    ||| Pokemon ||| - || 20 ||

    4x Mewtwo ex
    4x Weedle (Fury atk or whatever)
    4x Kakuna
    4x Beedrill
    3x Wynaut
    1x Wobbuffet (SS)

    ||| Trainers ||| - || 22 ||

    4x TV Reporter
    4x Juggler
    2x Professor Birch
    3x Switch
    2x Mr. Briney's Compassion
    1x Potion (yeah... i need more, its just filling a slot right now basically)
    2x Dual Ball
    2x Elm's Training Method
    2x Energy Restore

    ||| Energy ||| - || 18 ||

    18x Psychic


    Alrighty there it is. A bit mangled yes, but that's after I found out through a few testing games with Mudkip69, that switches are really really necessary. Also, I NEEEEED some healing for Mewtwo, he can really run through stuff, but with only 100hp, its not amazingly powerful as Blaziken can down him in 2 shots. And other stuff can do the same... etc.

    I ran more Dual Ball/Training method the first few games (this version hasn't been tested yet), and it seemed to work well. I think it should work arlight this way too. I found that I needed energy late game, so 2 restore went in. Briney should definitely be good at 2, I found that it wasn't as helpful as I thought it was. This is the way I get more than 4 Para/poison's going. The deck doesn't really focus on doing the para/poison every turn, as I don't think it can be achieved very well with Switches running around and stuff.

    T2 Mewtwo ex is the goal early, that or Wynaut for stacks of Beedrill and stuff if I can. Then, later game you can either para/poison then Burn for 120 over 2 turns or give a free turn for Mewtwo to absorb stuff. That, and Beedrill's attack isn't horrible over 2 turns either.

    So, fixes and comments very much appreciated, thanks all.
  2. Spectreon

    Spectreon New Member

    to add to above fix

    -1 Potion
    -1 mewtwo EX
    +2 Briney

    dont need 4 Mewtwo, need 4 Briney!!!
  3. Pablo

    Pablo New Member

    i dont think you should use all 4 mewtwos, 3 should be fine, add a 4th wynaut or 1 dunsparce or 1 wobbu instead. also i think some etro energys could go well in the deck, along with some lure balls, id say drop the single potion and 1 tv reporter for 2 lure ball, and drop 3 psychic energys for 3 retro energys, that should allow more para/posion's, and the lure ball will also help you get backkoed beedrills to evolve the kakunas in play, maybe not 2 lure ball, just 1, since your hand wont be changing much (unless opponent plays shaman or absol/skarmory.
  4. psycodad

    psycodad New Member

    Hey Spectreon: The Scary Ghost Pokemon
    Wow, beedrill with no lure ball, mirage stadium, or retro nrg? I guess Mr Brineys could take the place of retro and lureball in this format and save you space. However, I would play 3. I think the reason you run out of nrg is the supporter selection. Juggler and TV report cost you cards and you have to rely on 2 trainers to get nrg back. Maybe try this:

    ||| Pokemon ||| - || 20 ||
    3x Mewtwo ex
    4x Weedle (Fury atk or whatever)
    4x Kakuna
    4x Beedrill
    3x Wynaut
    2x Wobbuffet (SS)

    ||| Trainers ||| - || 23 ||

    4x Oaks research
    4x shaman-nasty in beedrill and strong in this format
    2x Professor Birch
    3x Switch
    3x Mr. Briney's Compassion
    1x mirage stadium
    3x Dual Ball - if you insist
    2x Elm's Training Method
    1x TV

    ||| Energy ||| - || 17 ||

    17x Psychic
  5. Spectreon

    Spectreon New Member

    No Grass???? or is Beedrill line attacking for colorless???
  6. Pablo

    Pablo New Member

    yeah,beedrill has a {C}{C} attack.
  7. nikePK

    nikePK New Member

    Thanks for the fixes guys, I'll look over them more thoroughly when i get the chance, as I'm busy now. I think a few of you are missing the main goal i was going for in this deck. I NEED tv reporter and jugglers... BOTH OF THEM to make a turn 2 mewtwo more possible. Bee is just later on when they get something up; as I said, I'm not going for a 7 turn-in-a-row paralysis thing or whatever with bee. Briney works alright with bee, and that's as far as I'll prolly go with it.

    I'll definitely add shaman over Birch though i think. Maybe I'll drop a Juggler for another Shaman too. I'll look over the fixes again when I get more time, and I think 4 mewtwo is also needed for the above reasons. Keep the fixes coming and thanks! ^_^
  8. swanton1717

    swanton1717 Member

    OOOK You get 6 replies in like one day and i would get like 1 maybe 2. Its sickening.

    Anyway the deck looks fine, i think more Briney is need though. And the Weedle with fury strikes needs grass to attack, while the other needs colorless. You the one with colorless as it has 50 HP also.

  9. DaHolyCow

    DaHolyCow New Member

    With the reporter, Oracle doen't seem like a bad idea. Although you can only play him the next turn, its like a Com. Search or something. You could drop a Training Method or something for a few oracles.
  10. TrueGamerX

    TrueGamerX New Member

    Maybe Rare Candy could help out to make Beedrill much faster.
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