Bobby's Cities Reports - "Magmortar is bad."

Discussion in 'City Championships' started by Bobby, Dec 3, 2007.

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  1. Bobby

    Bobby New Member

    Date: 12/2/07
    Location: Coral Springs, FL

    Sooo after spending Saturday chilling with some friends, I drove to Omar's house and tested some decks and went to bed. The next morning, we told everyone we weren't coming. Oops. I was writing my list when I remembered how horrible Windstorm is, so I dropped one for something better (anything). Everyone said "lawlz u r l0ze 2 g4ll4d3" but I was like whatever and played it anyway.

    I was playing Magmortar/Typhlosion/Delcatty aka Fire TRUK btw.

    Round 1 vs. Colton M (Honchkrow - Dark Wing Duck sounds terribad. Sry :frown:)
    I started Magmar, and he Absol. He went first and discarded my trainers. Nice. I attach and do 20. I draw a Steven for 4 next turn and get mostly energy, but 1 Celio, which he misses with Baleful Wind. I get Magmortar out first to stay alive, then follow it with a Delcatty. He takes the bait and kills my Cyndaquils with Feint Attack, so Magmortar stays healthy. He isn't hurting my hand much now that Absol is gone, so I can get Typhlosions up and keep swarms of stuff coming. I win handily. GG

    Round 2 vs. Cari (Magmortar/Delcatty)
    She didn't have Typhlosion, which basically made all the difference. I was discarding her DRE and Scramble and setting up KOs while accelerating my own Magmortars, while she had to rely solely on manual attachments. I also got to snipe a Delcatty ex for free prizes. I won by a good margin but it was a good game nonetheless. GG

    Round 3 vs. Omar (Banette/Blissey)
    He gets a horrid 5-mulligan start and I draw everything, and I'm 2nd. I candy into Delcatty to dodge the Wager, win the Wager, and then basically draw into everything again. Not really a GG but ily :frown:

    Round 4 vs. Nice japanese lady (Mario)
    Ughh Mario is legit when it sets up =( I got a pretty horrid draw and kinda just sat around and got basics for a long time while trying to power things up. I got a Delcatty and bought a few turns while I sacked stuff. She was flipping some crazy heads with that Machamp attack so by the time I did get Magmortar LV.X out it could only get one risk-free attack. I got him out of there and went aggro Typhlosion for the KO. Unfortunately, the Lucario LV.X drop was next and she killed my active, and I had to warp to attack. We traded prizes until it was 1-1, and I had to either go for the win with Burn + 100, or send up Typhlosion and risk running out of Energy. I went with Typhlosion and she couldn't confuse me, so I sent up a Magmortar and did 80 FTW to a Machamp. GG

    Round 5 vs. Tomas L (Aggro Magmortar)
    He mulliganed... 6 times? Maybe more. Still, he had a Wager to screw up my nice hand. I sacked basics till I got Magmortar LV.X up and got the OHKO with Flame Blast. He had trouble powering up another one and I took control of things from there.

    Top 4 vs. William B (Xatu/Golduck)
    Cool deck, the idea was to confuse yourself and then move the condition onto the defending.

    Game 1: I get a dominating fast start and set up two Typhlosions before I really get anything else. Being weak to water was lame, but I could do Evaporating Heat and discard his energy a lot, so that helped to slow him down. I used Mag LV.X to knock off another Golduck that was waiting on the bench, halting my weakness problem for a spell. Mag had already taken damage, so he sent up a Xatu to finish it off, right after laying down Skarmory ex. I see a shiny metallic opportunity there and use Night Maintenance on the KOd Magmortar line, and use Typhlosion aggro again. I set up 3 Typh over the course of the game and rotate them, keeping them alive and discarding energy, taking prizes at the same time. I finish up with a Flame Bluster on Skarmory for my last two prizes. GG

    Game 2: He opens and he has the Skarmory down on the bench already, which made me very, very happy. I started with Magmar against his Psyduck (ugh) and he goes 2nd and does Migrane for 30 and confuses me. I draw, use a LOAD of trainers to get evolutions, and then attach to my bench Magmar and pass. He uses the one wager in the deck UGHH and kills my hand, and I lose the wager. So it's looking kinda bad until I draw a Steven, then a Delcatty, then more cards. He had a more shaky set-up this time than before, and I pretty much exclusively used Typhlosion until I had LV.X kill Skarmory again for the game. GGs

    Finals vs. Jim F (Gallade/Gardevoir)
    Game 1: I start Magmar and draw into Cynaquils, and I have Cyndaquils, with the Magmortar stuff in hand. He starts Stantler. I got T2 Magmortar and left his Stantler with 40 on it. I leveled up T3 and burned it, then said pass. He used Lead a bunch to get supporters and got a Candy Gallade going. I made him flip over the 4 prizes to KO my level X, and responded with a Typhlosion to discard his DRE. I got in the game after drawing into Delcatty cards and I take him down to the wire by setting up his stuff for 2HKOs with Typhlosion and keeping his energy under my control. I sniped his benched Gardy LV.X and by then he had flipped all his prizes, so he was left attacking with Gardevoir to no avail. It came down to him drawing a scramble to have any shot, but he missed it by one card, though I think I still probably would have won. GG

    Game 2: I started Skitty vs his Stantler and get heads on Tail Whip. He benches another Stantler, retreats, and uses Lead. I get Delcatty T2 and draw a Magmar to start attaching to. By T4 I have LV.X out because I dumped all my resources into getting it, and I let Delcatty do the rest of the draw work for me. He does the 4 Prize flip quickly and I get Magmortar back in the deck just as fast with NM. Pretty soon it's up and running again and I get his Gallade with the Flame Bluster + Torrid Wave gimmick and it goes downhill for him from there. I win on time, but we played it out and I came out on top. Good, tough games Jim!

    Woohoooo. I got a Chingling, also. (Omar I'll give you that binder)

    -Typhlosion HE'S MY MAIN ATTACKER
    -Mike/Greg/Richard letting me borrow cards
    -Cool opponents
    -I would thank Mom for driving but I had to drive home so :X

    -Blastoise d does not make Magmortar any better of a matchup for Venusaur (COUGH JUSTIN)
    -Omar doing bad/donked
    -Miami Mike failing to top cut in either of his ONLY events this season (lulz)
  2. DragonairMaster8

    DragonairMaster8 New Member

    Congrats Bobbbbbbayyy ur my hero (other than sentret)

    win worlds for me? kthxbai
  3. Dante63s

    Dante63s New Member

    GJ! I never would of predict Magmortar, Typlosion and Delcatty.
  4. gITaRplYrMC0

    gITaRplYrMC0 New Member

    /me loses on time 5th round TWICE IN A ROW. GOD.
  5. hitmonchan93

    hitmonchan93 New Member

    Well, Dark Wing Duck is Jewish. Good job going undefeated though.

    SPARTA New Member

    Torterra... what was he thinking.... Awesome job Bobby, you are so my hero.
  7. Jason

    Jason New Member

    gj bobby and keep it up
  8. rhodesia123

    rhodesia123 New Member

    i like reading your reports. it gives me insight into how the pros play and think. good job.
  9. desert eagle

    desert eagle New Member

    Bad Is Jon Kitna When He Gets Picked Off 3 Time By Cromartie In 2 Weeks
  10. L00p_H01eS

    L00p_H01eS New Member

    just telling u ur isnt called fire truk..

    truk = blissey

    good day^^
  11. hitmonchan93

    hitmonchan93 New Member

    ^ jst saying. TRUK doesn't always mean it has Blissey in it bud. ;/
  12. FriedBlaziken

    FriedBlaziken New Member

    ^ dw, hes from team legion, he doesnt know these kind of things.
  13. Bolt

    Bolt New Member

    BOBBY nOOo
  14. SPARTA

    SPARTA New Member

    Right, because as a person not on Team HB, you would know anything about the new TRUKs. GOOD DAY TO YOU.
  15. ToysRUsKid

    ToysRUsKid Active Member

    Hi, Typhlosion/Magmortar is Fire TRUK.

    Great Job Bobby :)
  16. supertyranitar

    supertyranitar New Member

    Awesome job Bobby!
  17. ryanvergel

    ryanvergel New Member


    Tell a guy on the team who coined the term TRUK what is or isn't a TRUK deck. Nice job to make yourself look silly.

    Are you coming to Jacksonville? I don't think you are (Melbourne is on the same day I hear), but I hope you do. You can see zach, chichi, alex and I.
  18. eauxmar

    eauxmar New Member

  19. MKPokemom

    MKPokemom New Member

    Very nice report Bobby, and great job Sunday! Always a pleasure to see you and your mom.
  20. galonso

    galonso New Member

    Congrats Bobby! Great job! Classy guy as always.

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