Bone Wall

Discussion in 'Deck Help and Strategy' started by SolarPichu, Mar 21, 2011.

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  1. SolarPichu

    SolarPichu Member

    Pokemon (24)
    4 Sableye
    3 Cubone (TM)
    4 Marowak (TM)
    2 Nincada (SV)
    2 Ninjask (SV)
    3 Uxie
    2 Azelf
    2 Regice
    2 Unown Q

    Trainers (29)
    4 Bebe's Search
    4 Professor Elm's Training Method
    4 Poke Ball
    4 Pokemon Communication
    4 Poke Drawer +
    4 Junk Arm
    2 Pokemon Collector
    2 Expert Belt
    1 Luxury Ball

    Energy (7)
    4 Double Colorless
    3 Fighting

    Strategy: Discard 4 Marowak and wall with Cubone. Ninjask for solid damage output then hide behind Cubone, if needed, otherwise just spam Bone Rush. During my playtesting, the average turn that I have 4 Marowak in my discard pile is turn 2.
  2. UkeleleMilo

    UkeleleMilo New Member

    YOU NEED BENCH PROTECTORS!!! this will help against any chomp matchup.... speaking of which, I would also add in a few Mespirits and Seekers/SSUs so that You can stop bright looks and healing on their part. SSUs would also do wonders for ppl that hit 100-120 (tanks, namely).
    -4 professor elms?
    -1 Uxie
    -1 Azelf
    +2 Great Balls? Pokeballs?
    +2 Mesprit
    +2 Crobat G (? your damage output is still kinda low... this could help with KO's in a pinch)
  3. do you really need 3 uxie and 2 azelf? I think you should do 2 uxie and 1 azelf.

    off topic:
    have you ever played an online game called elements? one of the cards is called bone wall, like the title of the deck.
  4. TheKing

    TheKing New Member

    You should play Lunatone SV and Solrock TM To stop healing from Garchomp C and prevent sniping from it.
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