bonsly's States Report in Colorado Springs (Pictures up soon)

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  1. bonslypwns

    bonslypwns New Member

    OK... so first off, I want to thank Garret, (if you don't know him, to bad) andyways, he's helped me the past week or so, and gave me some insight on the deck I played today. First off, I took Blade rush with us to the hotel, and slept over night. That night we got our decks testing left and right, especially against GG. I helped fix Blade rushs' deck which made it better. And didn't fix mine. Except while riding there, I remember and ask him if he brought the Mew* with him, no dough. :( Oh well, so changed it accordingly, and we went to sleep. Next morning, ate a hardy breakfest in the hotel restraunt, thyen we met up with Pablo and "the crew" (His brother, dad, and younger sister aswell as Pablo himself) and talked. We got to the hallway, and waited about 30 mins. in the rooms for registration to start. Turns out, Seniors don't have a mandatroy deck check, they just need decklists. :/ (Cheating much?! lol) Anyways, I just register, get my deck checked (I wanted to) and waited forever! Finally, announcements! So... 29 seniors (o_O last year we had 47... hahahaha). 5 swiss, Top8. Here, we, go! (But to make it better, for the first time, we had random deck checks, yes! lol)

    Round 1: Uhm... when I remember name will put it here (Garchomp, Togekiss)
    I was scared! I had my worse start, Skitty, that's it. I get one mulligan! And draw into a Skitty, ewww! Anyways, I was afraid I'd get donked. He flips, yes! lol Just Gible. He goes, attatches hurts me for 10. I bench my Skitty, Oaks, Play a Pachi, Torchic, rare candy, evolve to firestarter Blaziken, pass. He goes, rare candies, boosts, KO. o_O ohhhhh... lol I send up Pachi, atattch, use roseannes, 2 fire, evolve to catty, energy draw, then CFF for 2 Magmar and another Torchic. He goes, attacthes a water... (hmmmp) and passes. (After using some supporters of course... lol) I go, evolve 2 Magmars to Magmortar, firestarter on a Mag, then attatch a scramble to that mag, smash shot. He goes, attaches, etc. kills Pachi. I go, send up a Catty. Firestarter on that one mag, then attatched, switched, leveled up, hit, KO! (120+10 from smash shot) He goes, Smeargle. He keeps getting Gible, rare cnady to Garchomps/Gabites, etc. Heads on almost every trace flip cpoying my Bazooka (ewww) I draw, I bazooka and torrid wave him, he's a lucksack and gets heads like 5 times out of 5... lol. I whiff, but, After some snipes, use second mags attak, and hits benched Garchomp for 100 KO. I keep doing this whenever he layed it down, keeping the Smeargle there. I had tons of stuff ready anyways. GG


    Round 2 Blade rush (Gallcario)
    Ewww... TOM hates us. Anyways, this is the deck we chose to play for him, cause he switched from Empoleon over to this. And we took out 3 cessation for 1 Gardy SW and 1-1 Claydol for consistancy. It won him last game. Anyways, I wiffed, and get a Magmar nothing else, 1 energy, bleh! I go, roseannes, Pachi fire, manage to switch, Pachi, CFF for Mag, Chic, and Cat. He soons knocks this out, it comes down to my Mag sniping key places. He kept getting DRE's everywhere, and Gardy telepassing to much. ;) Anyways, I then come up and sweep with Mag X and scrambles, OHKOing sniped Gallades, then moved on to Lucario, it came down to last turn, both one prizes, I needed one energy to win, 3 scramble in discard, 10 fire in discard/play, that leaves 1 fire, either in deck or final prize... Castaway, fire, atatch, KO! This was way to hard, and I don't remember much. All I know is it was down to the wire, and I won. GG again.


    Round 3: Kevin Abernathy (GG with 1-1 Mismagius tech)
    I'm serious when I said TOM hates me... lol. Kevins one of the two hardest seniors in my states. Him and Pablo. So... I get a Magmar start nothing else, ugh! Have a Mag, Mag X, roseannes, etc. not to bad though. I go, attach and 20 to his mew SW. Only thing he has, silly me. He roseannes, sentret, ralts, becnhed them, attached to a Ralts, passes. I go, switch, Pachi, CFF. Start to semi-set-up......... then he retreats, Furret... -_- lol. Anyways, I sadly have to agro, and just fireball bazooka, I get his Kirlia down to like 40 and 20, then he evolves to gardy and Gallade, benches Ralts, RC, DRE... Telepasses, etc. Keen eye. I go, I soon get a Gardy down to 10 HP, Gallade down to like 40... bye now, he has taken 4 prizes, I myself have 4 prizes left, him 2. So, I go, Mag X, torrid wave his Gallade, Flame Bluster his becnhed Gallade KO. He gets tails on burn. Evolves to Mismgius, Sonic Blades me. I come back with a switch, Bazooka KO, KO on Gardy, hti furret, and Mismagius. (70 left on furret, 50 on Mismgius) He sends up mismgius, DRE, KO. :( But I pull a NM, Celio, RC, firestarter, scramble, madness move. XP I ko him, and he sends up furret. He scrambles, hits me for 40. I go, torrid wave, hit him for 40 (almost all energies gone) He goes, tails! GG... wow! That was so close, won by a prize... I applaud you for a great game!


    Lunch Break... i'm almost guranteed Top 8!!! (Yes... lol)

    Round 4: ... I don't remember, sorry! (Random Magmortar, Infernape deck)
    I was like, 3-0 with this!? Wow... lol. I go, get Pachi start for the first time! (Finally... lol) Get my usual stuff, soon as I can't CFF, I smash short his Chimchar. (Nothing else out for him) I have Catty, Blaze PK, Magmortar with 1 fire and 1 scramble, magmorar with no energies, and a Chic. He goes, evolves,hits me fore 20. I go, retreat, attach scramble, bazooka, KO... GG. It was really that fast... hahaha.


    So now i'm guranteed top cut... yessssss. (Kevin: 3-1 Blade rush: 3-1 Pablo: 3-1) lol

    Round 5: Ben (Charizard+Wigglytuff+Ninetails)
    I was surprised... hwo'd this go 4-0? lol He's from South Dakota. He needs to take a chill pill... the end. Anyways, I get my perfect set-up, Pachi, Catty, Rare Candy, Blaze PK, Celios, Fire, Magmortar... but then he says... get up guys... random deck check. o_O What!!!!!! He says thank goodness. I ask why, he said" I had an igglybuff and that was it" I was dissapointed. lol After like 10 mins. we're both ready to go, I get ym hand and... what? I get the same exact hand!!!! lol Well in short, I got mag out quick... and all he got was a charmander, and could only attach for 3 turns... GG.


    Undefeated in swiss! Yes... lol (Only one in seniors)

    Blade rush: 4-1 (Top 8)
    Pablo 4-1 (Top 8)
    Kevin: 3-2 (Top 8)
    Me: 5-0 (Top 8)

    Those were mainly my friends who placed/// ok. So this kid Ethan, went 4-1 right... so he's me friend and all, but, turns out, he cuessed out his opponent, got DQed from the Tounrament, was asked to leave the hotel, and they are sending POP a report. o_O lol...

    Top 8: James (Darkrai Lv.X+Shifrty EX PK+Weavile SW)
    There were like 5 people who ran this... n00bs much? I'm serious. Like 4 n00bs placed in top 8. Ewwww... XP. Anyways, this game is quite easy. I get Magmar, and soon just lead to Mag, early spread, but T3, Darkrai Lv.X, sleep. Roll... whiff! 2 tails KO... what!!!!! XP I hate my life... hahahaha. Anywyas, I just sacrafice like 3 pokes, so then I set-up Mag X, OHKO Darkrai X, Shifrty EX, and some other stuff. Easy first game

    Second game:
    Thsi goes by slower. We both have our starters out, he gets weavile and plants energies on everyone... not cool. ;) But he can't geet the evolutions except Darkrai Lv.X. Mag X just literally tears through him. GG.

    6-0 (7-0)

    Yes...... Top 4! (I'm now guaranteed a trophy! My stats are so high so... nice!)

    Top 4:
    Kevin Abernathy : vs. Guy I fought Round 4 (Ewww... he gets easy win)
    Me : vs. Pablo Kinglsey (Ewwww... lol. I don't get the easywin. ;))

    Top 4: Pablo Kingsley (GG with 1-1 Lati-lock)
    Uhm... wow. So round 1, I get a skitty........ hmmm. He gets furret out, Keen eyes for everything! I go, whiff! Skitty. Next turn, whiff! Pachi, next turn whiff! Skitty. Next turn whiff Chic. This happened once more, all while I had no energy, supporters, or pokemon to evolve with. Uhm, Gallade just OHKOed everything. Ewwww... first game loss.

    Second game:
    Hmmm... I get Magmar start, but I rosy Pachi, CFF. Get the usual. But, no energies! :O This happens for 5 turns with all my draw cards failing. :/ Now, I want to point out I had a HUGEEEEE misplay. He had a Sentret, Ralts witha psychic. I could kill the sentret, but knowing GG, he has a Rare Candy, Gallade, DRE in the massive hand of his, so I pass. Nope... he didn't, I could have had game... insteatd, he just lets me kill sentret now. I lost because of that... was dissapointed.

    6-1 (7-2)

    So the end is here. I came in 3rd! I has such high stats I easily got the tropy, my data will be posted on the OP site if ya want to see it! Here:

    -1st: Kevin with GG
    -2nd: Pablo with GG
    -3rd: Chrisitan(Me) with Mag/Catty/Blaze
    4th: Forgot name with Mag/Ape
    5th: I dunno...
    -6th: Blade rush with Gallcario
    7th: Leif with something... lol
    8th: James with Darkrai Lv.X/Shifrty EX PK/Weavile SW

    Hmmm... Garret! You da uber pwner!
    Beating GG
    Great judges, staff, and a great place where we battled
    Blaziken for holding out
    and one last thing... Garrret!!!!
    Also, Kevin, Pablo, me, and Blade rush, top cutage!
    And Team Renegade FTW!

    Not shuffling good to lose in Top 4
    Not Garret

    So, In my packs, I only really pulled Dialga Lv.X... nothing else. But came home witha trophy... thanks for reading! (I will have pictures soon)
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  2. The Gorn

    The Gorn Active Member

    Maybe I missed it, but what state was this?
  3. bonslypwns

    bonslypwns New Member

  4. KrazyKevin 1121

    KrazyKevin 1121 New Member

    christian i lucked out i won i brought down his 2 little pokemon game 2 then on game 3 i got first turn gallade but he did too but i had the better set up so i ended up winning with 1 minute left on the clock

    this is kev btw i just made an acount
  5. bonslypwns

    bonslypwns New Member

    Really? Gratz! Yea. to bad I cxouldn't play ya in finals... my deck was sooooooo clumped when vsing. Pablo. :( But that's how life is I guess... :lol: I'll fix!
  6. Freddy K.

    Freddy K. New Member

    GJ and good report man! Learn how to shuffle hehe ^_^

    - fK
  7. bonslypwns

    bonslypwns New Member

    I do... I shuffled tons... but he rushed me, I did everything normal, I did like 3 different pile shuffles like 3x, then some normal bridge cuts like 5x. :/
  8. KrazyKevin 1121

    KrazyKevin 1121 New Member

    it was funny pablo tried to stall me game 2 it was funny he was like "if i was pablo wat would i do" and i said 'you would hurry up if i was pablo so stoop trying to stall" its wasd funny and my oldest brother and his friend just crack up it was funny
  9. bonslypwns

    bonslypwns New Member

    Yea... he does that every game I play him. It's like he knows I could come back to win in the finals mins., so he decides to stall... hahahaha. Well, guess it didn't work. ;)
  10. KrazyKevin 1121

    KrazyKevin 1121 New Member

    no because when i said stop stalling steve almost got involved
  11. bonslypwns

    bonslypwns New Member

    oh.... XP I should've done that. But like when I played you, I said if you could hurry up becasue I knew we were running out on time, I only really say it if they've taking forever or it's final mins. :/
  12. KrazyKevin 1121

    KrazyKevin 1121 New Member

    you would of won u wer up on prizes or i would of went faster i am not a jerk like that
  13. Spirit Of Mew

    Spirit Of Mew New Member

    Hey good job. Another good record for Team Shadow
  14. bonslypwns

    bonslypwns New Member

    Yea... I've only met a couple stallers. If you ever just see me staring in space, i'm thinking what you have in your hand, what to do, etc. I try to plan for future. Like the second game with Pablo, knowing GG, and his enormous hand, I though he'd have a Rare candy, Gallade, DRE, KO me for game... nope... :mad:

    Yea... and Renegade! Nice job going undefeated and winning SOM. :thumb:
  15. KrazyKevin 1121

    KrazyKevin 1121 New Member

    is bonsly on team shadow?? what
  16. bonslypwns

    bonslypwns New Member

    Yea... super-mod for Team Shadow, fuonder of Renegade.
  17. KrazyKevin 1121

    KrazyKevin 1121 New Member

    ok then u have fun with that if u tried u could probably get in hot tie
  18. bonslypwns

    bonslypwns New Member

    Really? I'd like that :p lol Always like ties. XP How... :lol:
    Yea... it keeps me occupied... thinking of making a higher classed and better team.
  19. KrazyKevin 1121

    KrazyKevin 1121 New Member

    we just get the team to vote on it u most likely have my vote ians vote chris's vote brets vote adrtians vote thats pretty much everybody
  20. bonslypwns

    bonslypwns New Member

    hahaha... I dunno. Is Jason on? I hope not... he hates me now ;) Ok... cool with me.

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