Boyfriends (Unlimited)

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    This deck was designed for the Game Boy version of the TCG. I do not expect that it would do well at all in a true Unlimited environment, but it does tend to pull off a win against the in-game opponents.

    Pokemon (18):
    3 Nidoran <female>
    2 Nidorina
    3 Nidoqueen
    4 Nidoran <male>
    2 Nidorino
    4 Nidoking

    Trainers (27):
    4 Professor Oak
    4 Bill
    3 Pokemon Trader
    4 Pokemon Breeder
    4 Computer Search
    4 Item Finder
    4 Recycle

    Energy (15):
    12 Grass Energy
    3 Double Colorless Energy

    Strategy: The deck is based around Nidoqueen's Boyfriends attack. Although it can theoretically do as much as 100 for (G)(C) on turn 2, it's never actually pulled that off -- which isn't surprising. Preferably, I'll start with a Nidoran female Active, and build it into a Nidoqueen while building Nidokings on the bench. All the Trainers are draw, search, or discard recovery, which is unusual for any deck -- even an Unlimited deck, although those are usually heavy on draw and search. However, this deck needs every bit I can give it, or it ends up being too slow.

    Notes: Since this deck was made for the Game Boy version of the game, the computer opponents' decks are not very good. Also, remember that I am basically restricted to cards from Base through Fossil, plus some of the Black Star promos.

    EDIT: Updated for a minor change.
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