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Discussion in 'Battle Roads' started by phoenixback4fire, Oct 14, 2007.

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  1. phoenixback4fire

    phoenixback4fire New Member

    So last weekend i didnt do so hot so i wont write about those matches plus i forgot my notepad to write in.....

    Well to start off this weekend it was my BRITHDAY 10/13/1988 !! I was all excited and i decided to go with my magnanium gater deck agian for the 5th time and with one extra card (chimecho mt)

    so I went 4-1 with my only loss to gino and in the top 4 it was me gino con lee and jeramy jones

    me v. jeramy (mario)
    they were really tuff games but i won finally pheww ....

    con won so it was me and him

    me v. con lee (stright up lucario)

    I thought i had him (chingling start w/multi and chimecho) i started with confuse for 30! then he attached to a benched riolu then i used Warp point to do 30 and confuse the nrgED riolu he evolves attacks for 40 i castawayed( i meant to the turn b4 for mentor but i was to excited about chimecho) and i attacked for 40 his turn ko

    second game i had totodile start then he got luc then the x and 2 TDS to get back cario a bunch of times and koed everything one by one

    2nd PLACE yah on my birthday !!!!!!:rolleyes:

    so its sunday today and my friends ditched me cuz they were tired and tiff had work but i decided to use BATMAN (4-3-1 lucario / 3-2-3 crobat/ 1 skarmy ex/ 1 espeon* ) I figured with all the lucario / machamp blissy stuff going around (theres been lucario in top 4 of our 8 NE battle roads) so i figured out that if i played this i had a good chance of winning so i started with 1 game win then 2nd i lost to dave cox ! (the man) 3rd round i faced gino and i won because he missplayed(i used stance ) and i wouldent let him take his plus power attach back and he attacked for 0 then the 4th round i faced flyvire w/blissy? I had this game in the bag lucario t2 and he lake boundrys??what!!!! so I celios for lvx and pown from there wile he sets a flygon ex up!!! then he ohkos me im like ah then my golbat waas left and i went form me 3 to his 6 prizes then he keeps me on the run i get crobat i p[lay poison him and attack for the ko 1 prize left for me and he kos my remaining riolu with 1 nrg ray ex BLAH just my luck .
    game 5 was 1 touros and 4 dialga im like what (agian ) and he stalls with metals and keeps shuffling my carios into the deck and i couldent stay set up so gg i went 2-3 but hey at least i had fun :thumb:
  2. Papi/Manny

    Papi/Manny New Member

    lol, nice report man. That deck was such a good play for the tourney too, but you just had bad luck. :/ o well. C ya at leauge/cities.
  3. phoenixback4fire

    phoenixback4fire New Member

    what is a lucario suposed to do v. a dialga with 3 metal nrgs on it !!!!! and 1 on the benched one gah!
  4. DarkMagnus

    DarkMagnus New Member

    The name stuck! WOOOOT!!! sry bout not taken one on your birthday! but Pre's start then Cities its gunna be another good 4 weeks!!!!
  5. phoenixback4fire

    phoenixback4fire New Member

    Yah i cant wait till pre releases are here im going to the one in londonderry i hope i get the cards i need for two decks im working on more i just thought of this afternoon in my car might do well? idk
  6. JohnnyBlaze

    JohnnyBlaze New Member

    Hey Adam - You forgot about our awesome match you against the Rhyperior deck. I would have had you next turn. :lol::lol:
  7. phoenixback4fire

    phoenixback4fire New Member

    Sorry johny i was in a rush and i couldnt remember everything off the top of my head

    And yes me v. johny blaze was an amaizing match it was back n forth the whole game and at the last turn i was going to scoop (3 cards left in the deck i figured he had rypirior or a celioes to nab it ) then time was called and i had taken more prizes phew...... that was close:thumb:

    and what pre releases are you going to johny?> cuz i think im going to londonderry nh and tjs and that place we were at sunday so i can sell my old ex's (im so mad that guy left ...i was going to sell my eeveelutions and bannets for 84$ ....but ill get it in a few weeks to pay for that pre release lol
  8. Lordofflareons

    Lordofflareons New Member

    GJ, happy belated Bday
  9. phoenixback4fire

    phoenixback4fire New Member

    Thank you:biggrin:

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