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Discussion in 'Battle Roads' started by Xicious, Oct 9, 2007.

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  1. Xicious

    Xicious New Member

    Alright so coming from DE to Lebanon took about two hours though I'm almost positive we could've taken another shorter way but I wanted to avoid tolls. Anyways, me and team Bebop(still getting established) head up there and get there a touch early. The turn out was pretty good I don't remember the break down on players but I do remember only 2 Juniors. After vigorous play testing and water torture I decided to play VireIss with the C-stomp engine. We were up all night making a new engine for our decks that we forgot to pick up a member of our team....Sorry...I still feel really bad... :[

    Round One
    The player playing Mega-Magnum
    So grass Meganium is a lot better then I anticipated but it's still just an ok card. C-stomp let's me set up a lot quicker then him allowing Blissey to out race him, he TGW I always which slows me a touch but I recover from it thanks to C-stomp and win he had only taken one prize.

    Round Two
    Don't remember too much about this but I do remember seeing Infernacatty. Tough match for me but luckily Blissys HP is insane and my engine is turbocharged with a Gretty. I win by Boost NRG and my set up Pokes help a lot in this match. Him wasting a DRE on my little set up guy is fine by me.

    Round Three
    Very embarrassing.... I go to get food around lunch time and....the place is packed... I didn't have a cell phone so no way to tell time...By the time I get back...Game loss :[

    Round Four
    Bebop Member: Vincent (from the bebop movie, yes...we're all named after Bebop characters....sad...yes, pathetic...a little....oh well)
    After my disappointing loss to Polistall, I get paired against my brother who was with me when we got food so we both got last round losses. He's playing VireIss with castaway engine I slaughter him with C-stomp, that simple. Plus my tech beats his and I win. He almost won turn 2 but I admit I got a lucky top deck to stay in the game. Congrats on a great game bro.

    Round Five
    Bebop Member Spike
    I get paired up against one of the members of my group, Spike that had me bring food back to them who was undefeated at this point... I wish I could've asked someone to do that. He's playing VireIss(popular amongst our group)So here it is C-stomp mirror match. We're both sitting at the line the light turns green and my engine kicks in first, around turn 3 the turbo releases I dust him behind in the race. Scramble comes out of nowhere and Electivire ko's my heavily pimped out Blissey :[ The game ends up being really close, he teched in Delcatty ex to shuffle his Boost NRG back. I was never told about this hence the dirty looks passed in his direction. A well placed warp point forces him to switch to his only benched PKMN Dcatex I one hit it w/ Blissey and win. Ex's aren't as good as they used to be, 2 prizes is pretty ridiculous.

    TOP CUT!
    So I'm impressed apparently all of our homework and wasted hours of possible sleep time pays off when 3 members of Bebop make top 4 cut.

    Top Cut First Elimination
    Bebop Member: Jet
    Figures I'd get paired up against my buddy. Who threatened to not give me a ride home if I won
    Game 1: He's playing Flygon ex delta with C-stomp engine. It's a rough match up for me. So I start off with a lone chansey and he has two face down monsters in attack position. We flip our cards over and to my surprise 2 count 'em 2 Castform. I inquire as to why he has 2 played, he straight up tells me his hand is horrible and doesn't mind losing a castform to help set up. So I rev my engine a bit and KO' his first cast by that time he has a decent set up. He sends out his other cast and DD's for 5 we joke and say they should make a trainer card that let's you draw 5 cards and your opp gets a prize. So he sounds out Flygon ex, who isn't my friend. My bench takes a few sand damage and he kills a bliss. My scrambles become active and I wreck down his EX but I have another one to deal with, the match goes on forever and I eventually get him thanks to Warp point... Which is becoming one of my favorite cards.
    Game 2:
    Long story short.... Turn 3 fully powered Flygon ex...I lose.... His engine heats up quicker and smokes me. I <3 Cstomp
    Game 3: Turn 2 Blisey Boost NRG from the discard game... I felt so bad to beat a fellow mate that way but I guess it happens.... Sorry :[ ILY!!!

    What another Bebop member
    I already played this match... In all honesty I didn't feel like doing it again but I did.

    Game 1: C-stomp mirror. He starts Skitty, I make a wise crack about his tech and start C-stomping my deck. I get things set up turn three. He makes his skitty run away costing him an NRG drop but oh well. His blissey starts to build up I interfere with a scrambled E-vire and throw his game off then Warp out to my blissey and start rolling through him. Close game, in the end I run scrambles he doesn't and I pull the win.
    Game 2: Best game I played all day. We both start off pretty fresh with our engines and I'm reminded of the speed and stability of H. Trans back in the day. We both start chansey and rush blissey. Whoever gets the Boosts wins pretty much. I hit two boosts turn after turn and Knock his blissey, he throws out another one with a couple NRG on it and does minimal damage. I pull through and wreck him he eventually KO's my bliss and I become unhappy, but the way the damage rolls is in my favor. I just have him on damage speed and win. Great game... We each had one prize left... So good... Next time better luck on the dice rolls.

    Props:Team Bebop, great job with tuning C-stomp with me and topping.

    Slops:My lack of a cell phone, wawa being packed, and us forgetting Ein... Sorry :[
  2. dimension

    dimension New Member

    This was the worst tournament ever because the TO was extremely closed minded. There should not have been top cuts in ANY ages since the lack of players. When we asked the TO about deck checks (never done by the way) we were told "I will give you a drop and you can leave!" 11 total players (2 in Juniors, 4 Seniors and 5 Masters). Make sure Tres and yourself write to POP, otherwise some TO's are saying no results will count :mad: ...good job on winning though. I am starting to think you are becoming my arch-nemesis :wink: this season...If you need the email addy, PM me. See you guys this weekend.

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