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Discussion in 'City Championships' started by Xtreme Pillow Fighter, Dec 21, 2007.

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  1. I play some rogue banette octillery, yeah, it was really bad...

    Round one i play some guy who has been to 1 tournament

    I start with remoraid and octiller with 2 waters again his amazing torterra ariados milotic D wormadam grass cloak deck, he starts with turtwig. I go first and attatch, he draws and tackles for 10 playing like a burmy and spinarak. My turn, octillery atatch again, get shuppets with banettes in hand snipe his burmy... went donw hill for him from there


    Round 2 OMIGOSH QWILFISH i play another guy whos played in 2 whole events, piece of cake right? I get shuppet remoraid and another shuppet in hand, i ascension going first. Hes got some amazing iplup action going on over there with another to back it and an AMAZING qwilfish. he pecks me... i evo my benches bannette and then put 60 on me to kill him. He brings up his AMAZING qwilfish and plays piplup and evolves other to the prinplup. i dont wanna die so i retreat for the octiller, DRE and hit his qwifish... while not reading it, i get toxiced and die because he nerve shotted me for the paralyzation. i bring up my hurt bannete cause i died going to his turn. he kills me i bring up other guy and think... if i attack him and he gets heads and if i dont draw a basic the toxic will kill me so i draw and get 0 basics for 4 turns as he kills me with qwilfish... goodbye 11 points...


    I play ANOTHER GUY who has played 2 WHOLE EVENTS i turn 2 him, GG

    2-1 seeings as all my opponents are now 2-1... i miss cut and qwilfish... you a beast,

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