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Discussion in 'Ask The VG Experts!' started by P_A, Dec 22, 2013.

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  1. P_A

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    For example .... not that I'm set up to do this sort of thing, but yeah, let's say I decide to use a pokemon that can only learn a specific move by breeding. Aurorus has an absolutely horrible weakness to fighting and steel attacks but can learn Freeze Dry (I think by leveling up? Not sure about that), which is useful both as an ice attack but for some reason is also super effective against water types. Now because it's egg group is Monster, and Lapras also has Monster as one of it's egg groups, technically you could breed that move onto a Lapras. It would be useful there since Lapras can also learn Sing to put pokemon asleep and whale on them with Freeze Dry and Ice Beam and probably Body Slam. I think that would be an unexpected move. I'm just wondering about the logistics of the breeding process in this case, and if it would be practical to try it. I know first of all I need an Aurorus that knows Freeze Dry. Anyone know how easy that is? To transfer that attack do I need a male or female Aurorus? And what percentage of the offspring would pick up that move? Can anyone walk me through that?
  2. Regis_Neo

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    First of all, one assumption you shouldn't make is just because they're in the same egg group doesn't mean that a species can learn a egg particular move, you need to check them specifically to see if it's a possible egg move. So in your hypothetical scenario, Lapras can actually learn Freeze Dry as an egg move, but careful about that.

    Other than that, it's super easy now. Previously only male Pokemon could pass down moves, but in XY females can as well. So using your example, you would initially need to use a male Aurorus to bred with a female Lapras to pass down Freeze Dry (remember that female still determines the species), but from there you can use any new female Lapras offspring with Freeze Dry to pass it instead of using the same male Aurorus, you can swap it out for a better male parent. And it's a 100% success rate for passing moves.
  3. P_A

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    So you're saying that if it's an egg move (which a person can confirm on Serebii), then it will transfer regardless? Sweet!

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