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Discussion in 'Battle Roads' started by LifeVirus7, Oct 13, 2007.

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  1. LifeVirus7

    LifeVirus7 New Member

    So the Battle Road in Londonderry, not London, occurs today. I wake up at 8:30, and see a happen to see the god of Tetris on YouTube. Nice way to wake up. Mary arrives around 9:30, and she, Alex, and I get going. We arrive there around 10:20 and there's plenty of people already there. Me, being so original, run BlissCatty. And there seemed to be plenty of fighting types out there. Crud.

    Round 1: 'Loser' w/ Delcatty/Noctowl/?

    Somehow, Loser's real name was printed off on the match and result sheets! The apocalypse is coming!

    Er, anyway, the report. All I get to see from his deck is a Delcatty and a Noctowl. I get a Blissey out early, and a boost takes down Delcatty. He has nobody else ready, but does manage to get Noctowl out. But, I don't beat him; he beats himself with Super Scoop Up. His last Pokemon is scooped, so he beat himself.


    Round 2: Tiffany w/ Magmortar/Delcatty/Magneton

    She used Magmortar with Delcatty and Magneton. She starts with 2 Magby out and I have Skitty and Happiny on the bench. Good thing Happiny wasn't my active, because she successfully burned Skitty, and my burn flips weren't in my favor. I get a Blissey out and start to get it rolling through her Pokemon. She does get Magmortar X out, but it didn't have enough energy for Torrid Buster. Blissey hits it hard, Mortar knocks it out with Flame Drum, and my second Blissey takes it down. She pounded the rest of her Pokemon. Crystal Beach was annoying since my Boosts were reduced to one. She also Warp Pointed my Delcatty out, and I had no basic energies to retreat it for a few turns. But I do win in the end.


    Now, I start to get hungry, so I go order some food from a restaurant close by, I almost waited for my too long, as the next round pairings were put up as I was waiting! Good thing I decided to head back when I did and just pick it up later.

    Round 3: Patty w/ Blissey/Electivire

    Man, I just can't beat seem to beat her. She beats me in league, she beats me in other tournaments. This time, it's my BlissCatty vs her BlissVire. Both of us manage to get a T2 Blissey out, but she went first. She mentors for 2 Electabuzz and Baby Evolutions Elekids, so she gets plenty of draw power. I manage to beat her Blissey, but her Electivire comes out and steamrolls me from there.


    Now I can go pick up my order without being late for a match!

    Round 4: Linda w/ Flygon/Electivire

    She get to rare candy her Trapinch to Flygon EX early on, but she didn't get energies on fast enough to beat my Blissey before it got started. She can't get anything else ready with Blissey going, so her Pokemon are beaten one after another.


    Round 5: Andrew w/ Mario

    Oh damm, I was not looking forward to playing any Mario decks, fighting weakness being reason number one. He gets a good start, and I somehow manage to keep up with his assault, thanks to Holon Energy FF. Stance proves to be annoying, as he gets to use it twice. His Machamp was beaten with lots of luck on my part; I had two PlusPowers, a Strength Charm, enough energy to take out the rest of Machamp's HP, and I roll heads on my confusion check from Dynamic Punch. WOW.

    And here's the luckier part; he has one Lucario out with one :fighting: on it, and my bench has a Delcatty EX with 10 HP left, Blissey with Holon FF + :fire: as my active. He couldn't get a :fighting: energy those turns, and Blissey knocks out his only Pokemon on the field. That was so unlucky for him to get in that situation, Mario should've beaten me outright.


    With my record, it looked like I would make it to the top 4 cut. However, there are 6 people with 4-1 records, and I don't make it into the finals. I'm not sure what rank I made, but oh well, it was a good day for me.

    Oh, Con won in the Masters. I don't remember who won in the Senior and Junior devisions ( >_>;), sorry.

    Blissey is a beast.
    'Loser' beating himself.
    Holon Energy FF.
    Mike for helping me getting a character started on D&D.
    Heads, not tails.

    Almost being late for my 3rd match.
    Was a bit crowded with all of the tables being so close. Seats in the aisle were a pain to get in and out of.
    Forgetting the names of the other devision winners.
  2. DarkMagnus

    DarkMagnus New Member

    WOOOT! i got props!!! nice type up you had some great beats and some kinda bad losers but thats life man!
  3. GL Mo

    GL Mo New Member

    Nice job and nice informative report! Glad you had fun today! I hate Blissey so much I'll probably be playing her soon myself.

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