Brock 2K3 (Unlimited, DCI)

Discussion in 'Deck Help and Strategy' started by Carrington388, Sep 8, 2003.

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  1. Carrington388

    Carrington388 New Member

    Well, I'm at it again. Remaking theme decks. This is a Gym-block theme deck, so it's for Unlimited. It's also within DCI standards (not used anymore, however), so there's no EX: Ruby & Sapphire cards.

    First, here are the links to my old remakes from the old board:

    Base Set: Blackout Brushfire Overgrowth Zap!
    Jungle: Power Reserve Water Blast
    Fossil: Bodyguard Lockdown
    Base Set 2: Grass Chopper Hot Water Lightning Bug Psych Out
    Team Rocket: Devastation Trouble

    Secondly, here is the original Brock theme deck:

    Pokémon (19)
    3 Brock's Geodude (Lv. 13)
    1 Brock's Graveler
    4 Brock's Onix (Lv. 41)
    3 Brock's Mankey (Lv. 10)
    3 Brock's Rhyhorn (Lv. 29)
    1 Brock's Rhydon
    2 Brock's Sandshrew (Lv. 13)
    1 Brock's Sandshrew (Lv. 20)
    1 Brock's Lickitung

    Trainers (13)
    1 Bill (Base Set)
    1 Brock (Gym Heroes)
    2 Brock's Training Method (Gym Heroes)
    2 Energy Retrieval (Base Set)
    1 Full Heal (Base Set)
    1 Pewter City Gym (Gym Heroes)
    3 Potion (Base Set)
    2 Switch (Base Set)

    Energy (28)
    28 Fighting Energy

    Now it's time to remake it into an Unlimited deck that covers all the cards from Base to Skyridge (formatwise).

    I decided to go with three 3-2 Stage 1 Brock lines for the deck, along with a Baby Pokémon (3 cards) as my Pokémon mix. The lines I chose were Brock's Sandslash, Brock's Primeape, and Brock's Golbat. That said, I made all three of the Brock's Sandshrew the level 20 kind. Then I changed the Brock's Geodude into the Brock's Zubat level 11. The Brock's Graveler and Brock's Rhydone became Brock's Primeape. The Brock's Onix was split evenly with Brock's Golbat and Brock's Sandslash.

    With my Brock lines in place, I decided to throw a trio of Tyrogue into the deck. I've decided that, for the Gym block remakes, each Neo Baby Pokémon (sorry to say, even Cleffa) will get a chance in each theme deck (Smoochum twice as it fits in two decks, all others once).

    Now was the time to beef up the Trainer mix, going a bit tough on the Brocks in the mix. I took out the Energy Retrievals for one Brock's Training Method and one Brock. The Switches became Brock and Brock's Protection. The other two Brock's Protection came out of the Fighting Energy. The last Pokémon in the set became a Pewter City Gym.

    Now here's a weird thought: No Energy Stadium? Brock's Primeape'd just discard it rampantly, and you won't want to lose too many Stadiums that way! Not worth the chance in this deck!

    The Potions became Moo-Moo Milk (even though Super Potion's better, it's not as good without the Energy Stadium combo). The Full Heal and the Bill, as well as one Fighting Energy, became Copycat. The last five Trainers taken out of the Fighting Energy became three Town Volunteers and two Fighting Cube 01. Finally, three more Fighting Energy were taken out in favor of Grass Energy for Brock's Zubat.

    And now, here is Brock 2K3!

    Pokémon (18)
    3 Brock's Zubat (Lv. 11) (Gym Heroes)
    2 Brock's Golbat (Gym Heroes)
    3 Brock's Mankey (Lv. 10)
    2 Brock's Primeape (Gym Challenge)
    3 Brock's Sandshrew (Lv. 20) (Gym Heroes)
    2 Brock's Sandslash (Gym Challenge)
    3 Tyrogue (Neo Discovery)

    Trainers (22)
    3 Copycat (Expedition)
    3 Brock (Gym Heroes)
    3 Brock's Training Method (Gym Heroes)
    3 Brock's Protection (Gym Challenge)
    2 Pewter City Gym (Gym Heroes)
    3 Moo-Moo Milk (Neo Genesis)
    3 Town Volunteers (Aquapolis)
    2 Fighting Cube 01 (Aquapolis)

    Energy (20)
    17 Fighting Energy
    3 Grass Energy

    Any comments, fixes, and/or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
  2. dkates

    dkates New Member

    I'd change 2 Fighting Energy to Grass, and drop 3 more for Trainers (probably Elms or Oaks), but that's pretty much it. Well, one other fix, but we've been disagreeing on this one since WizPoG.
    Last edited: Sep 9, 2003
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