Broken Darkrai and Cresselia

Discussion in 'Create-A-Card' started by FlYgOnInMySoUp, May 1, 2008.

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  1. FlYgOnInMySoUp

    FlYgOnInMySoUp New Member

    B Darkrai 100hp{D}
    lvl. 59
    ( you can only have one B Darkrai in you deck )

    Pokepower: Complete Darkness
    when your opponent declares an attack on B Darkrai, you may use this power. your opponent flips a coin,
    if tails, your opponent ends his or her turn without attacking B Darkrai, then put one damage counter on the defending pokemon. This power can't be used if B Darkrai is affected by a special condition.

    {D} Fright
    if the defending pokemon is an evolved pokemon, flip a coin if heads, your opponent removes the higest stage of that pokemon's evolution and discards it, then you opponent may switch his or her active pokemon with one of his/ her bench pokemon.

    {D}{C} Dark suffocation
    put 1 damage counter on all of your opponents pokemon without special {D} energies attached to them. during your next turn you may add 1 more damage counter to this effect, but if B Darkrai has a special {D} energy attached to it add 2 more damage counters to this effect instead of 1 more.

    weakness {n/a}
    resistance {n/a}
    retreat cost {C}{C}

    B Cresselia 100hp{P}
    lvl. 60
    ( you can only play one B Cresselia in your deck)

    Pokepower: Lunar Effect
    while B Cresselia is in play, your opponents pokemon pay {C}{C} more to its energy cost to attack Cresselia. this power stops working if Cresselia is affected by a special condition.

    {P} Full Moon
    during your next turn, your pokemon pay {C}{C} less to use there attacks, you may switch B Cresselia with one of your bench pokemon.

    {P}{C} Lunar Crest 40
    put a Crest token on the defending pokemon, while the crest token is on a pokemon, your opponent can't attach energy to that pokemon while it remains active.

    {P}{C}{C} Broken Star
    choose a pokemon with a crest token on it, this attack does 80 damage to that pokemon.

    weakness {n/a}
    resistance {n/a}
    retreat cost {C}

    I think legendary pokemon should be broken. lol

    comment plz
  2. AnimeDDR110

    AnimeDDR110 New Member

    Darkrai isn't that okay, only his power is broken, and maybe his first attack. The second attack sucks because most of the time you won't be playing against a dark deck.
    Cresselia was better. That should be a POKE-Body on Cresselia because it is activated when Cresselia is the active pokemon, you don't put the activate it. Lunar Crest is broken, but it should be to any pokemon if you want to make it more broken. Broken Star was good. Full Moon is a great attack.
  3. FlYgOnInMySoUp

    FlYgOnInMySoUp New Member

    You didn't seem to read the second attack correctly, pokemon without special dark energies attached to them.

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