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    Hey Everyone,

    Kings Games is hosting a Sun & Moon League Cup on Saturday, March 18th at 12pm. We also host our weekly Pokemon Tournaments every Wednesday at 6pm and we've included all information below as well.

    Kings Games League Cup (Sun & Moon)
    Saturday, March 18th
    Registration opens at 11am
    Play begins at 12pm
    Entry Fee $15


    Deck Registration will be required.

    The tournament is run using the Standard Constructed Format and Age Modified Swiss pairings

    Prizes include special playmats for the winners of each age division and special promo cards for the first 50 players to register.

    Three booster packs per player added to prize pool of each division. Prize booster pack distribution will be based on attendance.

    Number of Swiss and Top Cut rounds based on attendance.

    Swiss rounds will be best of 1 (30 minute rounds + 3 turns)
    Top cut will be best of 3 (60 minute rounds + 3 turns)

    Decklist required. Player ID (POP ID) required for this event. POP IDs will be assigned to new players.

    All premier events will use the 2016–2017 tournament season age divisions:
    - Junior Division: born in 2006 or later
    - Senior Division: born in 2002, 2003, 2004, or 2005
    - Masters Division: born in 2001 or earlier

    Pokemon CASH Tournaments
    Every Wednesday
    Registration opens at 5pm
    Play begins at 6pm
    Entry fee $5


    Each player will receive a FREE Promo Card just for playing!

    Prizes : 100% CASH Payout!

    We'll be adding $5 CASH or 2 Booster Packs per player to the prize pool. Top finishers in the event will receive cash or booster pack prizes (Player's choice)

    Please feel free to call us at 718-336-1955 if you have additional questions regarding this event.

    Kings Games
    1685 E 15 St
    Brooklyn NY 11229

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