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    Hey Everyone,

    We wanted to remind you about this upcoming weekend at Kings Games. We will be hosting our Pokemon Sun & Moon Guardians Rising Prerelease this Sunday, April 23rd at 12pm. More information about the event can be found below and also at www.kingsgames.com.

    Pokemon Sun & Moon Guardians Rising Prerelease
    Sunday, April 23rd
    Registration opens at 11am
    Play begins at 12pm
    Entry fee $30


    Pokémon TCG Prereleases are better than ever with the new “Prerelease Kits”. Players will receive a Pokémon “Prerelease Kit” of XY – Sun & Moon Guardians Rising and will have 30 minutes to build his/her OWN 40-card limited constructed deck to battle other trainers!

    The “Prerelease Kit” consists of:
    22-card Evolution pack featuring key cards from current and prior sets
    4 Sun & Moon—Guardians Rising booster packs
    1 of 4 alternate-art promo cards
    1 deck-building tip sheet
    Basic Energy cards will be provided

    At the end of the event each player receive 3 additional XY – Sun & Moon Guardians Rising booster packs for participating.

    Please feel free to call us at 718-336-1955 if you have additional questions regarding our events

    We hope to see you at our events soon!

    Kings Games
    1685 E 15 St
    Brooklyn NY 11229

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