Building my 1st deck please help!

Discussion in 'Deck Help and Strategy' started by collectioncollector, Sep 17, 2009.

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  1. collectioncollector

    collectioncollector New Member

    I am new to playing the TCG this is the 1st deck i have ever built (apart from a deck at prerelease but that doesn't really count) so any help anyone can give me would be greatly appreciated as i'm sure there are many changes i could make to improve it.
    It is based around giratina and hippowdon,


    Giratina x 2 (1 x LA, 1 x PL Over Slash version)
    Giratina Lv X x 2 (1 x PL, 1 x Promo)

    Hippopotas x 3 (RR)
    Hippowdon x 3 (RR)
    Hippowdon Lv X x 1 (RR)

    Baltoy x 1 (1 x GE)
    Claydol x 1 (GE)

    Cresselia x 1 (GE)
    Cresselia Lv X x 1 (GE)
    Azelf x 1 (LA)
    Azelf Lv x 1 (LA)

    Traoners/Supporters: 23

    Bebe's Search x 4
    Cynthia's Guidance x 3
    Roseanne's Research x 4
    Night Maintenance x 2
    Switch x 2
    Warp Point x 1
    Vs Seeker x 2
    Premier Ball x 2
    Luxury Ball x 1
    Great Ball x 1
    Moonlight Stadium x 1

    Energy: 20

    Psychic x 10
    Fighting x 10

    My strategy basically is get giratina out as quickly as possible and charge up darkness lost to snipe. Use Hippowdon as my secondary attacker sand reset to disrupt my opponent and save sand to do heavy damage and recycle fighting energy, also puts damage on lv x between turns. Azelf in case claydol or any other important pokes are in my prizes and lv x combines well with giratine to get rid of its x2 weakness. Cresselia keep on the bench and lets me move damage around and bring it out for free with moonlight stadium to knock out weak opponents and claim 2 prizes. Claydol is self explanatory.

    Any idea's how to improve?
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  2. Mewtant

    Mewtant Member

    I'm not sure how stocked you are on cards, but this deck has WAY too many energies ( I run 9 in my deck and it is more than enough - most run 8-14 max) and not enough T/S/S. Also, I'm not sure why Mewtwo and Gengar GL are in there. With Stage 2's you should add some rare candies or BTS Stadium. Maybe a Moonlight Stadium in case you want to get Giratina on your bench.
  3. japple52

    japple52 New Member

    Welcome to the Deck Help and Strategy forum.

    Here's some suggestions to your list

    -2 Seviper (PL)
    -1 Mewtwo (MD)
    -1 Gengar GL (RR)
    -1 Baltoy (SV)
    +1 Hippopotas (RR)
    +1 Hippowdon (RR)
    +1 Baltoy (GE)
    +1 Chatot (MD)
    +1 Uxie (LA)

    -1 Cyrus's Conspiracy
    -2 Potion
    -1 Switch
    +3 Warp Point
    +1 Roseanne's Research
    +4 Pokehealer
    +3 Underground Expedition, Prof Oak's Visit, Felicity’s Drawing, or etc....
    +2 Premier Ball
    +1 Luxury Ball

    -1 Multi Energy
    -7 Psychic
    -5 Fighting
    +3 Call Energy

    You may not have all these cards, but these changes should give you an idea of some improvements.

    You have a few Pokemon that aren't really needed. It's best not to have too many different Pokemon in a deck unless it's a certain type of deck. I added some Trainers and Supporters to help with consistancy. It's best not to have less than 20 Trainers, Supporters, and/or or Stadiums in a deck. Between 22- 24 is usually a good number to shot for. 24 Energy is too much. You can do with just 14 - 16. With Claydol and Supporters, you shouldn't have a problem getting Energy.

    I hope this helps.
  4. Slowbro8

    Slowbro8 New Member

    He does not have any stage 2s in the deck, so forget about the rare candy and BTS.

    I think you should decide to focus on either Hippo or Giratina and build your deck to focus on one of those strategies.
  5. collectioncollector

    collectioncollector New Member

    Thanks for the help guys, im going to get rid or some energy's and try and get hold of some of the trainers japple52 suggested. Plus maybe add uxie + lv X or azelf + lv X.
  6. Mewtant

    Mewtant Member

    I had a slight mental lapse thinking the Hippo was Stage 2. My apologies. :smile:

    I blame it on the voices in my head.
  7. collectioncollector

    collectioncollector New Member

    bought in some new cards, any thoughts on the new deck?

    Also all you guys are saying i run too much energy and i notice most of the pro decks use less energy. However when ever i lose the main reason seems to be because i don't have any energy any one care to explain how you play as little as 10 energy and still manage to get them in play?

  8. nnaann

    nnaann New Member


    Do you prefer to focus on Giratina Lv X or Hippodown Lv X? They're both different cards that suit different stratergies. They both don't really work together and both have better partners to suit them. Energy wise, I don't know why you have problems. Hippodown allows you to suck up energy in your discard, unless you are focusing on Giratina Lv X's Spread attack.
  9. collectioncollector

    collectioncollector New Member


    I tend to focus on giratina as my main attacker with darkness lost and use hippowdon as my attacker while charging up giratina on the bench. Hippowdon is good at getting energy the problem is getting psychic energy attached to my giratina.
  10. ProfessorJacob7

    ProfessorJacob7 New Member

    id probably use roseannes research to get psychics then.
  11. nnaann

    nnaann New Member

    Giratina Lv X's attack is what you'll want to focus on. With the opponent having a full bench, it can do 180 damage. Trouble is the attack needs 3 energy, so you need to run another Pokemon to help get all the energy onto Giratina. Do you have a couple of Weavile SW? Giratina Lv X's attack needs 2 Psychic energy and 2 Colourless, so you can attach the 2 darkness energy with Weavile. If you attach Special Dark energy, then use Dark Engage you an hit the active for 50. Cresselia and Azelf I would recommend keeping, since Cresselia helps spread damage about and Azelf can fetch what's prized and gives it no weakness. The only other thing you would need is something to heal Giratina. Since it needs 4 energy, you don't want it KO'd quickly. Maybe 4 Pokehealer?
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