Bunny on the moon Deck (Or Usagi Deck, if you want to see it that way xP)

Discussion in 'Deck Help and Strategy' started by Dark_Togetic, Oct 12, 2003.

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  1. Dark_Togetic

    Dark_Togetic New Member

    (OK, that's not the actual name for the deck, but something had to be made until I decide on the real one xP... Hmm... Hey, that "thumb up" smilie looks cool =P)
    First of all... Hi, Hi people. I'm new to PokéGym.
    This is an Unlimited deck I'm currently working on. It may not be as powerful as other decks in the format, but it's funny to play with... Or that's what I think.

    Pokémon: 18
    3 Light Azumarill (Neo Destiny)
    3 Marill (E-Aquapolis)
    3 Suicune (E-Aquapolis)
    3 Sandslash (Fossil/Legendary Collection)
    3 Sandshrew (EX Sandstorm)
    2 Cleffa (WoTC Promo #31)
    1 Cleffa (Neo Genesis)

    Trainers: 22
    3 Bill
    3 Copycat
    3 Poké Ball
    3 Pokémon Personality Test
    3 Energy Switch
    3 PlusPower
    2 Energy Stadium
    2 Town Volunteers

    Energy: 20
    12 Water Energy
    8 Fighting Energy

    ... Which makes a total of 60 cards. The main objective of the deck is to use Light Azumarill to charge up Suicune, then attack with Suicune. After Bubble Jumping, switch to Cleffa so Suicune doesn't get damaged in the process. Energy Switch is in case I don't get Light Azumarill in play (or if Bubble Jump fails), and Sanslash just to fill up the deck, and for its Lightning Resistance.
    Posting this same deck at PokéSchool, I was suggested to replace Bill for Oak, Energy Switch for Super Energy Removal, Aquapolis Marill for EX Sandstorm Marill (with the printing error), and one of the Aquapolis Suicune for one Neo Revelation Suicune (I suppose the holo one). I'm considering the change of Energy Switch to SER, and maybe the Marill one too. About Oak, I'm not really sure, since I don't like discarding that much, might try it later. About Suicune, I'd love to switch one for the NR holo, but it's way too difficult to get one of those here.
    Other changes include: Reducing the number of Energy to 18-16, replacing Sandslash and Sanshrew with a strong Basic Pokémon, adding maybe a few Magnifiers. Finally, switch the 2 Promo Cleffas for Neo Genesis Cleffas, while adding in Lass.
    Any suggestions and/or comments? I'm open for them.
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