Buying Bulk Cards. Looking for Black Star Promos, Sleeves, and other Merch.

Discussion in 'Buyers House' started by SurplusCCGs, Feb 25, 2011.

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  1. SurplusCCGs

    SurplusCCGs New Member

    Hi Im looking to buy multiple copies of promo cards such as

    Ancient Mew
    Entei (Reverse Holo)
    Pichu (Reverse Holo)
    Pikachu #1
    any Black Star Promos in large quantities would be nice. I'll also buy newer promos in bulk.

    Pokemon Playmats:

    Great Ball
    Poke Ball
    Lugia / Ho-oh

    Pokemon Pre-Release Sleeves:

    Any just name them (Looking for large quantities at one time)


    Name what you have (looking to buy large amounts)

    Any other Merch I've failed to mention. Just let me know what it is you have. I prefer buying many at one time.

    I will also buy

    Common / Uncommon
    Holo Rares
    Reverse Holo Rares
    Star *

    All in Bulk. Let me know what you have.:thumb:
  2. Politoed666

    Politoed666 New Member

    What are your bulk prices on all the rarities you list at the bottom of the post?
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