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    Well I didn't really prepare for States at all. After playing Vilegar and Gyarados for most of the season, I decided to play LuxChomp since it's had the best results for this season. I didn't really sleep that night at all and just got my deck ready. Having no sleep might've caused me to remember certain rounds differently, but should be pretty accurate.

    Round 1
    He mulligans about 2 or 3 times. I open Garchomp C and call for Luxray and Bronzong to his Azelf start. I didn't have much and he had even less. He couldn't get Gastly out for a while and I just sprayed his Uxies. I took prizes easily once I drew Cyrus. By the time he got the prime out I was ahead 4 prizes with no Pokemon in hand, so there was nothing much for him to do. Luxray X took the last 2 prizes.

    Round 2
    I open Luxary to his Larvitar. I call for Garchomp and Murkrow. He sets up before I do and KOs my Luxray. I manage to hit it with Honchkrow for 130 damage leaving it at 10hp. He benches Pupitar, Warps into Uxie and passes. I Flash Bite his Ttar for a prize and Dragon Rush Pupitar. After that he couldn't do much. I used Riot for the last couple of prizes.

    Round 3
    Jerry D.-Blaziken Fb/Blaziken/Vileplume
    He opens Roserade to my Luxray. I have the LvX in hand and Call. He Collectors for Torchic, Oddish, Spiritomb, and evolved to Gloom through Darkness Grace. I knew I had to stop him from getting a Vileplume out. So I Bright Look it and KO it. After that I managed to get a 5 prize lead through Luxray and Garchomp. By the time he played his 3rd Judge I had a real hard time recovering as he got his Fire Breath, Poison Bind, Luring Flame loop going. I had a Garchomp on the bench ready to take the last prize and all I needed was to draw either of my SP Radars, Premier Ball, Aaron's Collection, Bebe's Search, or the other LvX. By the time he caught up, I drew into one of my outs. It was a really close game.

    Round 4
    Michael Tran-LuxChomp
    We both have bad starts but he managed to get the prize lead. I had to bench useless mirror cards like Lucario and Azelf. But because I did I was able to know exactly where my 3 DCE were in the prize area. While he KOed my useless Pokemon I was able to KO his Garchomps, Uxie X, etc through my Garchomp, DCE, Poke Turn loop. He burned through his resources fast and had to Looker his own hand after seeing that I had almost everything I needed to take over the match. It came down to the last prize and I was able to Dragon Rush for it.

    Round 5
    Jacob-Chen Lock
    I was kinda upset this round because I chose to drop but through STAFF
    miscommunication, I had to play it out. I open Garchomp he turns over Blaziken. I attach an Energy and pass. He Turns and promotes Sableye and Impersonates for Initiative. He sends my DCE away since I had no Supporters. I drew Call and used it to get Weavile and Luxray. Without locking me, I drew 4 Poke Turns, Aaron's, Spray, and Energy for the next 7-8 turns. When he only had 1 prize left, I drew a Cyrus -_- Needless to say he won.

    Round 6
    Justin C.-Gyarados
    He goes first and only has a Magikarp active. I attach DCE and Claw Swipe to win.

    I chose to drop after that round. I was kinda tired from not sleeping the previous night and a little tilted about not being dropped sooner.

    Some friends making new decks that are able to take on the meta.
    Friends making cut and taking the tournament.
    Friendly opponents.
    Winning with a deck that I didn't play or testing all season.
    Seeing everyone in one place.

    Terrible draws.
    Late Round 1 start.
    No sleep.
    Not being dropped.

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