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Discussion in 'Deck Help and Strategy' started by FlyingMonkeyPANTS, Mar 26, 2004.

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  1. FlyingMonkeyPANTS

    FlyingMonkeyPANTS New Member

    This is my Cacturne-Tech deck, read it, comment on it, enjoy it...

    Pokemon: [21]x
    [3]x Cacturne
    [3]x Cacnea
    [2]x Furret
    [2]x Sentret
    [2]x Wobbuffet
    [2]x Suicune (AQ)
    [1]x Entei (AQ)
    [1]x Raikou (AQ)
    [2]x Dunsparce
    [2]x Lunatone
    [1]x Mewtwo EX

    Trainers: [21]x
    [4]x Oak's Research
    [4]x Desert Shaman
    [1]x TV Reporter
    [1]x Town Volunteers
    [1]x HPS
    [2]x Power Charge
    [2]x Energy Switch
    [1]x Strength Charm (considering removing it for a Crystal Shard...damn BAR decks)
    [2]x Moo Moo Milk
    [3]x Switch

    Energy: [18]x
    [3]x Boost Energy
    [4]x Multi Energy
    [2]x Warp Energy
    [9]x Psychic Energy

    This is about as close as a Modified Haymaker as you can get, the whole point of the deck is to have Cacturne pick off benched pokemon by getting Boost turn after turn, and building the deck around defeating his weaknesses and defending THOSE pokemon from their weaknesses.

    Reasons Why I use em:
    -Cacturne- Already said he picks off benched pokemon easy (with help from Furret) and auto-poison...very aggravating
    -Furret- Gets the Multis and Boosts my guys need to power up, also thins out hand against Gardy EX (plus slap a Boost on him and he does 60 to Ray EX, very nice finisher)
    -Wobbuffet- Dont hate on the 'fett, he kills all the Gardy EX I run into at my league, and also shuts down about...hmmm...half of the decks I face...
    -Suicune- Well you get around his power with Multi's, not only that but for 3 Energy (easily obtainable) he can deal 50 damage (100 to Blaziken) or 30 and sleep, AND with LPS on the field, he's a free retreat-er.
    -Entei- Same as Suicune but for Grass types, when I choose to do it, I usually get heads with the auto-burn effect.
    -Raikou- Just added this guy last week (took out an Entei), and he is VERY good against the 2 or 3 water decks I run into at my league. I mean he kills Kingdra EX and slaughters Swampert, what's not there to love? (btw no one runs Swampert EX *whew*)
    -'Sparce- hah, if you dont know why, you shouldnt be reading this...
    -Lunatone- Well he is the weakest link of my deck, but he does give me draw power, and he can ko' the other guy's 'fetts, so yeah he's useful.
    -Mewtwo EX- Well since this deck is genergally psychic based I decided to throw him in just cuz he's a BBP ( this format at least)

    The Trainers are pretty self-explanatory (and the Energies too) but your probably asking why I only run 1 TV Reporter? Well I used to run 3, then 2 when I got a third Boost, but then it dawned on me that I kept screwing ppl up with Shaman, AND I never did like discarding one card >>;;; so I decided to ditch the 2nd one for a 4th Shaman...

    So what do you think?...
  2. kalixiri

    kalixiri New Member

    This kind of deck (bench damage) is called a Hunter. The deck would probably work better in unlimited, due to the abundance of Baby pokémon and access to Double-Colorless, so you could get Cacturne up and running by turn 2 without having to discard.
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