California State Championships!

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    California Pokémon TCG State Championship March 21-22 2015

    TCG Championship

    8:00am-8:45am check in
    Swiss Rounds 9:15 am – 9:30 pm
    All divisions qualifying for Top 8 will play Top 8 on Sunday at noon
    Divisions that only qualify for Top 2 or Top 4 will play Saturday.
    All Divisions – Play for a State Championship Dice Round 3
    MA Division – If we have a Round 9, play for a pack!

    Side Events Start Rounds (see below for prizing details)

    Round 3 – Play for a Mega Gardevoir mat (1st), hat or deckbox (2nd) or other prizes (T4)
    Round 6 – League Challenge for points and other mats begins (limit 64 total players)

    Sunday March 22

    Top 8 for all qualifying divisions (noon)
    Streamed online


    136 South San Gabriel BLVD
    San Gabriel, CA 91776

    Projected Schedule

    Subject to change without notice


    7:00 AM Staff in hall
    8:00 AM Doors Open – Check-in
    8:45 AM Rosters & Player Meeting
    9:15 AM Round 1
    10:30 AM Round 2
    11:45 AM Round 3 – Play for a Dice
    12:45 PM Lunch
    1:30 PM Round 4 – Side Events Begin
    2:45 PM Round 5
    4:00 PM Round 6 – League Challenge
    5:15 PM Round 7 – Buy Yourself A Snack
    6:45 PM Round 8
    8:00 PM Round 9 – MA Play for a Pack
    9:15 PM Swiss Rounds Conclude


    All divisions requiring Top 8 report at noon – play begins after deck fixes at 12:30pm

    How To Participate

    Find your Player ID or get one online.
    Register online – now or on a friend’s phone at the event. Only then can you check-in.
    Create a 60 card standard format deck – with no marks on cards or sleeves (if used).
    Legibly fill out a deck list – make sure it is accurate and complete.
    Give your Player ID to the check-in team between 8:00am & 8:45am 3/21/15.
    Masters purchase your wristband with bulk Pokémon Cards or $15.
    Bring your deck list (and for Masters, wear your wristband) and sit at your posted roster number in the player meeting.

    Trading Card Championship Prizes

    Prizes are awarded to the top players in each of three age divisions.

    All participants will receive 3 Play! Points and a Pokémon SPC promo card (while supplies last) just for playing! Top finishers will receive Championship Points as detailed on the 2015 Championship Points chart.

    The winner of each division will receive a first-round bye at the US or Canadian National Championships.

    The top 4 finishers in each division will receive a Pokémon TCG State/Province Championships trophy, Pokémon character cap and deck box.

    The top 8 finishers in the Junior and Senior Divisions will receive booster packs from the most current Pokémon TCG expansion as follows:

    1st & 2nd: 36 boosters
    3rd & 4th: 18 boosters
    5th–8th: 9 boosters

    The top 16 finishers in the Masters Division will receive booster packs from the most current Pokémon TCG expansion as follows:

    1st & 2nd: 108 boosters
    3rd & 4th: 36 boosters
    5th–8th: 18 boosters
    9th–16th: 9 boosters

    The top 8 (or 16) finishers in the Masters Division will receive gift cards from the organizer in the following amounts:

    CA TCG States MA Gift Cards

    First $180 $200
    Second $120 $150
    Top 4 $90 $100
    Top 8 $30 $50
    Top 16 -- $20
    California State Pokémon TCG Championship is a 1 day event (T8 on Sunday) however, break the 226 barrier in Masters and extend gift card prizing down to Top 16!

    Side Events

    8 Person Play for a Mega Gardevoir Mat

    Standard Format, single elimination, deck list required – everyone who wins a game gets a prize!

    1st Mega Gardevoir Mat – the only way to get this mat!
    2nd Cap or Deck Box
    3rd/4th – pull from prize box (Pack, Play! Pokémon Energy or EX)
    $5 these start round 4 every time we get 8 players to sign up and run til we’re out of prizes
    2015 States Playmat
    2015 States Playmat

    League Challenge

    Championship Points
    Special Winner Promos for T4 in each division
    Random awesome play mats at least for Top 8 in divisions of 16 or more
    Starts in round 6
    $5 – limit 64 players total

    Raffle Prizes

    1 – Worlds 2013 play mat!
    4 – Three play mat prize packs (3 different mats from among Scrafty, XY, 2nd City Gym Earthquake, Groudon/Kyogre)!
    2 – Eevee Charm and Mewtwo Tumbler or Fennekin Hat prize packs!
    1 – Box of Primal Clash
    3 – Running Pikachu Plush
    4 – Three deck box prize packs!


    We hope to see you there!

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