Camo Dance

Discussion in 'Deck Help and Strategy' started by nekorion, Apr 22, 2008.

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  1. nekorion

    nekorion New Member

    Pokemon 16

    4 Kecleon
    2-2 Cresselia
    4-4 Ursaring

    Trainers 22
    3 Drake's Stadium
    3 Celio's Network
    3 Switch
    3 Roseanne's Research
    3 Night Maintance
    3 Premier Ball
    2 Castaway
    2 Buffer Piece

    3 DRE
    4 :psychic:
    3 :fighting:
    3 :fire:
    2 :water:
    2 :grass:
    2 :lightning
    2 :dark:
    1 :metal:

    Start with Kecleon and wall damage, he does it fairly well. Most of the supporters have the side effect of being able to search for energy as well so it shouldn't be hard. Get both cresselias Lv X's up and running (and they somewhat need to be both up although one should suffice)

    Early in the game Kecleon should aim failed blind scratches at himself since he'll be walling damage anyways, but if a teddiursa goes up while he's in play, go ahead and aim it at him.

    Once ursaring is up and running the Strategy is simple, abuse cresslia's Full moon dance to keep one of your teddiursa damaged so ursaring does 100 damage a round with no reprocussion.

    Also: lolwut kecleon.
  2. Vile

    Vile New Member

    Hmm, I do like the Cresselia / Ursaring combo... but I think there is better ideas than Kecleon. The main problem with him is all the weird energy you got to play. If you had just Psychic (maybe a couple of Water) you could play holon WP and make Cresselia a more reliable attacker. If you remove Kecleon and replace him with a starter that will set you up faster you'll just be able to use Cresellia's power from early on. Also, you can keep it called Camo dance... it's Japanese for duck, and well that's what Cresellia looks like to me (ok, WERID duck) >_<
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