can someone help me w/ my decks?

Discussion in 'Deck Help and Strategy' started by walistingting, Aug 8, 2003.

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  1. walistingting

    walistingting New Member

    can someone help me? i just dont seem to be winning that muchusing any of my three decks.
    here they are
    12 lightning energy
    11 grass energy

    note: every card is from expedition unless stated otherwise

    4 mareep
    3 flaaffy
    2 ampharos
    2 electabuzz
    2 pikachu
    1 raichu
    4 oddish
    2 gloom
    1 vileplume

    3 potion
    2 bill's maintenance
    2 copycat
    3 energy restore
    3 energy search
    2 switch
    1 apricorn forest(aquapolis)

    for anyone who really knows his/her pokémon cards, they will know what my strategy is. ill just post this deck first so please help me!!!!!!!!
  2. Rabid Raichu

    Rabid Raichu New Member

    The unfortunate truth is that both the Raichu and the Ampharos from Expedition are not worth playing. I hate saying that about any Raichu, but there it is. Things will improve simply by using Ampharos from Aquapolis and Raichu from Skyridge -- they are major inprovements. Of course, I'm assuming that you don't have access to the Neo Genesis Raichu or the Neo 3 Ampharos -- if you can get those (and assuming you aren't building for the assumed e-on environment).

    The other problem I see in this deck is that you need
    +1 Ampharos
    +1 Pikachu (again, not Expedition, that one sucks)
    +1 Raichu
    -2 Electabuzz
    -1 Oddish
    +1 Gloom
    +1 Vileplume

    These can come from your energy count, which is much to high.
    -5 Grass Energy

    That leaves 3 more cards to add -- I'd try
    +1 Copycat
    +2 Professor Oaks' Research

    as you need more draw power to get your Pokemon out and powered up.

    On another note, I think you should consider taking out either the Vileplume or Ampharos line -- most successful decks may run a Stage 2 (like Ampharos) line and a Stage 1 (like Raichu) line, but it takes a VERY skilled player to make two Stage 2 lines work together in the same deck. I've seen it done, but I'd hate to play it myself. Think about removing one of the Stage 2 families and replacing them with some big basic Pokemon. Expedition doesn't offer any good choices for that, unfortunately. You need to find something that is resistant to Fighting as well if you go with an Ampharos/Raichu Deck to balance against their weakness.

    Good luck!
  3. walistingting

    walistingting New Member

    im trying 2 do a sort of energy manipulation deck if u havent noticed
  4. walistingting

    walistingting New Member

    HEY!!! People who are looking at this post!!! PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!
  5. The Dark Llama

    The Dark Llama New Member

    Well, I'd agree that Expedition Pokemon aren't the greatest to use. I suggest using the Base Electabuzz, dump the Ampharos but keep the flaafy, they aren't bad!
  6. walistingting

    walistingting New Member

    Ok I'll try to do that. How bout this deck?
    Deck 2:
    8 Grass energy
    16 psychic energy

    4 gastly neo destiny
    3 dark haunter
    2 dark gengar
    3 hoppip expedition
    1 hoppip neo dicovery
    1 skiploom neo genesis
    1 skiploom neo revelation
    1 jumpluff neo genesis
    1 jumpluff aquapolis
    4 igglybuff promo
    4 jigglypuff jungle
    1 wigglytuff jungle
    1 light wigglytuff

    2 potion
    1 super potion
    2 bill
    1 bill's teleporter
    1 computer search
    1 prof. elm's training method
    1 rockets hideout
  7. walistingting

    walistingting New Member

    HELLO!!! is anyone out there
  8. Mr_Fuji

    Mr_Fuji New Member

    Dude, look. I don't like to put things so plain, but the deck(s) are junk. the only fix for them is to completely re-do them. I suggest you Go by the following guidelines:

    Unlimited Decks:
    1.) Normal ratios are: 14 Pokemon, 14 Energies, 32 Trainers (roughly)

    2.) Good trainers include:
    --Professor Oak
    --Energy Removal
    --Item Finder
    --Super Energy Removal
    --Gust of Wind
    --Focus Band (Situational)
    --Gold Berry (Also situational)
    --Double Gust (Again, Situational)
    --Lass (Good combo with Cleffa (Neo)
    --Town Volenteers

    there's pleanty others. I suggest you check them out before making any other decks. Also, here's the MAIN archetypes (Most commonly played decks) in unlimited.

    --Boost Energy/Wigglytuff/Furret
    --Rocket's Zapdos/Scyther/Muk/Pokemon Tower
    --Sneasel/Double Gust (free Retreat Deck)
    --Blastoise (Easy to use...) (Be sure to remember pokemon breeder when using stage 2's)

    There's a few... give some of those a try.
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