Can someone please guestimate a value for these cards?

Discussion in 'Collecting and Card Price Discussion' started by fazio, Jan 9, 2008.

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  1. fazio

    fazio New Member

    Hey guys and girls. I've got a huge collection of old school pokemon cards I'm looking to sell on e-bay soon. Do you think I'd be better off selling them all in one hit or selling some of separately? I've looked up their values on, but was after a rough estimate of their total value. I'd appreciate it if anyone could have a guess, or just tell me what you think of my collection. Thanks!

    Collection includes:
    Full Sets:
    Complete Base Set (102 Cards 16 Holos)
    Complete Jungle Set (64 Cards 16 Holos)
    Complete Fossil Set (62 Cards 15 Holos)
    50% Complete Team Rocket Set (41 Cards)
    69% Complete Japanese Neo 2 Base Set (39 Cards)

    Promo Cards:
    Special Edition Pikachu World Collection (9 Limited Edition Pikachu Cards in Binder)
    Pokemon Card Neo 9-Card Set
    Jumbo Pikachu Card
    Promo Cards 1,6,8,9,10,11,13,16,18,21 and 23
    2 “W” Cards (Kabuto and Pikachu)
    2 Pre-Release Cards (Areodactyl and Dark Gyarados)
    Full set of 4 Promo Cards (From The First Movie)
    Ancient Mew

    Full Sets:
    Complete 102-card Base Set (Unlimited Print, Includes All Holographics)

    Complete 64-card Jungle Set (Unlimited Print, Includes All Holographics)

    Complete 62-Card Fossil Set (Unlimited Print, Includes All Holographics)

    41 of the Complete 83 Team Rocket Set (Most Cards First Edition! Only Includes 3 Holographics, PLUS ULTRA RARE DARK RAICHU)

    39 of the Complete 57 JAPANESE "Neo 2" Base set (Includes 6 Holographics)

    Over a dozen Shadowless cards from the bass set Including the rare error card red check Pikachu.

    Promo Cards:
    Lv12 (Base Set) "Jumbo" Pikachu
    This card is a JUMBO (6" x 8") version of the "Base" set (Lv 12) Pikachu card.

    Lv12 Pikachu PokeTour 1999 Australian Giveaway.

    Lv 12 Jigglypuff
    This card was initially released in Japan as one of two promotional insert cards in "Hyper Coro Coro" magazine's May (Spring ‘96) Issue. (They are printed in English, but are recognizeable by the lack of any card number in the lower right corner.)

    Lv14 (Jungle Expansion) "W" Pikachu (1st Edition)
    I'm told this card is fairly rare these days.

    Lv9 “W” Kabuto
    This card was first released in Wizards of the Coast's "TopDeck" magazine's December 1999 issue as a promotional insert.

    Aerodactyl PreRelease card

    3x Dark Gyarados PreRelease card

    Lv16 "Promo" Pikachu (U.S. "1")

    The 4 Promo Cards #2-5 from the First Movie.

    Lv34 "Promo" Arcanine (U.S. "6")

    Lv23 "Promo" Mew (U.S. "8")

    Lv23 "Promo" Holographic Mew (U.S. "9")

    Lv13 "Promo" Meowth (U.S. "10")

    Lv07 "Promo" Eevee (holofoil) (U.S. "11")

    Lv64 "Promo" Venusaur (U.S. "13")

    "Promo" Computer Error (U.S. "16")

    Lv11 "Promo" Team Rocket's Meowth (U.S. "18")

    Lv(n/a) "Promo" Ancient Mew (Holo, plus instruction/translation card) (U.S. "n/a")
    Lv33 "Promo" Moltres (U.S. "21")
    Lv33 "Promo" Zapdos (U.S. "23")
    These cards were available by attending the Pokemon 2000 movie.

    "Pokemon Card Neo" 9-Card Set
    This is a fixed, promotional sets of cards. It was released shortly after the Gold & Silver Game Boy cartridge debut in Japan.
  2. KAZUTO!!!

    KAZUTO!!! New Member

    Whoa, nice collection! Sell some of rarer 1st Edition cards singally and the rest in a lot.

    But this is just my oppinion.
  3. fazio

    fazio New Member

    Thanks alot. I really appreciate that. I was kinda impressed myself actually when I pulled them out yesterday and realized some of the cards I had. The only 1st editions I have though are from the Team Rocket Set. I figured if anything I'd have a better chance at making more money by selling some of the rarer Promos on their own.
    I'm just not too sure. I don't really want to see these cards go, but on the other hand, I've had them for ages and don't even look at them anymore. Some people say to hold on to them for a while longer so they increase in value. But if Pokemon's popularity keeps decreasing then it may be quite hard to sell the cards no matter how much they are worth. Anyone else care to comment or give me a rough estimate on? Or even an offer?
  4. SD PokeMom

    SD PokeMom Mod Supervisor Staff Member

    "...if pokemon's popularity keeps decreasing"?!

    the fact that counterfeit cards are widespread enough to necessitate the article up in the feature/news forum should tell you that the game's popularity is on the _upswing_, not downswing...

  5. fazio

    fazio New Member

    Sorry, didn't mean to offend with that comment. I guess I was just expressing my opinion without having done any real research. To me personally I feel that Pokemon as an entity has decreased in popularity, then again it may just be that I lost interest myself and stopped paying so much attention. The TCG may still be going strong, but I would be surprised if numbers-wise if Pokemon is as popular as it was when I was into it nearly 10 years ago. Anyone else care to comment on my collection? I'd appreciate anyone's input/suggestions.
  6. ShawofMordor

    ShawofMordor New Member

    While Pokemon's popularity has been on an upswing recently, it is still far less popular than when the Team Rocket set was being released.

    The increase in popularity I believe has been relegated to the newer cards, the old cards have been stagnant in value for awhile.

    The majority of those cards are close to worthless, but many would fetch you $5 each if you have the patience to list them. Shadowless foils, W Stamped, Poketour Pikachu, etc, can grab some cash.

    Might be best to sell the full sets and then sell as singles the rest of the stuff.
  7. fazio

    fazio New Member

    I don't have any shadowless foils. Just a dozen or so common/uncommon. Were you suggesting I sell the 'singles' (promos) separately one by one. Or sell the full sets together, then all the promos together? Also does anyone have any suggestions on whether or not I should sell each complete set on it's own, or as a package? As I said I've been out of TCG for a bit, and while I can look up retail value etc, they don't always reflect their true value.
    One other thing, I've read that the Ancient Mew card is pretty worthless in value. If that's the case I'd rather keep it than get like $2 for it. Are there any other cards I own that you think I'd be better off keeping than selling?

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    Also I've been looking on eBay for similar auctions. I'm watching this one atm;
    Any more thoughts?
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  8. ShawofMordor

    ShawofMordor New Member

    Older cards are a tough sell, it sometimes comes down to being lucky enough to have a collector looking notice, or a random buyer become interested in a big lot. How much are you hoping to get for the entire collection? You could try putting everything together and advertizing the fact that the lot contains full sets.
  9. fazio

    fazio New Member

    Yeah I was gonna do that originally. I was thinking of selling everything bar a few of the rare promos or promos I have multiples of, then selling them separately. Now I'm thinking I might sell each set on it's own. I wasn't entirely sure, that's why I came here, to see what's reasonable.
    I guess after hearing what you guys and a few others have to say, I'd expect a bit over $200 for everything I've got. What do you guys think?

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