Can U Guys Help Me?

Discussion in 'Trading Post' started by ED6291WAI, Feb 10, 2004.

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  1. ED6291WAI

    ED6291WAI New Member

    Hi Everyone! Can U Guys Help Me?
    I'm In Searching For These Cards For A Long Time.
    My Haves Above And My Needs Below.

    My Haves:
    Dragon: /97
    3/97 Crawdaunt (h )x1
    4/97 Flygon (h )x1
    8/97 Plusle (h )x1
    18/97 Ninjask X2
    21/97 Skarmory X2
    22/97 Vibrava X1,x2
    25/97 Combusken X1
    26/97 Dratini (rh)x1,x1
    29/97 Graveler X1
    32/97 Gyarados (rh)x1
    33/97 Horsea X1
    34/97 Houndoom X1
    36/97 Marshtomp (rh)x1
    39/97 Seadra (rh)x1
    40/97 Seadra X1
    44/97 Snorunt X1
    45/97 Swellow X1
    46/97 Vibrava X1
    49/97 Bagon X2
    50/97 Bagon (rh)x1,x1
    52/97 Corphish X1
    55/97 Geodude X1
    56/97 Geodude X1
    57/97 Grimer X1
    58/97 Horsea (rh)x1
    59/97 Houndour X1
    60/97 Magikarp (rh)x1,x1
    65/97 Mudkip X1
    69/97 Numel X1
    72/97 Slugma X1
    73/97 Spoink X1
    74/97 Spoink X1
    76/97 Taillow X2
    78/97 Trapinch X1
    79/97 Trapinch X1
    80/97 Treecko X1
    81/97 Wurmple X1
    83/97 Buffer Piece (rh)x1,x1
    84/97 Energy Recycle System (rh)x1
    85/97 High Pressure System X1
    86/97 Low Pressure System (rh)x1
    88/97 Tv Reporter X2
    92/97 Kingdra Ex (h )x1
    9397 Latias Ex (h )x1
    94/97 Latios Ex (h )x2
    95/97 Magcargo Ex (h )x2
    97/97 Rayquaza Ex (h )x1

    Sandstorm: /100
    7/100 Ludicolo (h )x1
    8/100 Lunatone (h )x1
    9/100 Mawile (h )x1
    15/100 Arcanine X1
    21/100 Sandslash X1
    32/100 Baltoy X1
    43/100 Lileep X1
    44/100 Linoone X1
    50/100 Pelipper X1
    53/100 Volbeat (rh)x1
    59/100 Cyndaquil X1
    60/100 Dunsparce X1
    62/100 Duskull X1
    63/100 Eevee X1
    65/100 Growlithe X1
    66/100 Lotad X1
    70/100 Omantye X1
    71/100 Onix X1
    72/100 Pikachu (rh)x1
    77/100 Seedot X1
    78/100 Shroomish (rh)x1
    88/100 Rare Candy (rh)x1
    89/100 Wally's Training X2
    90/100 Claw Fossil X1
    95/100 Aggron Ex (h )x1
    96/100 Gardevoir Ex (h )x1
    97/100 Kabutops Ex (h )x1
    98/100 Raichu Ex (h )x1
    99/100 Typhlosion Ex (h )x1

    Ruby/sapphire: /109
    1/109 Aggron (h )x1
    7/109 Gardevoir (h )x1
    13/109 Swampert (h )x2
    14/109 Wailord (h )x1
    15/109 Blaziken X1
    16/109 Breloom X2
    18/109 Nosepass (rh)x1,x1
    19/109 Pelipper X1
    21/109 Seaking X2
    23/109 Swampert X1
    24/109 Weezing (rh)x1
    25/109 Aron (rh)x1
    27/109 Combusken X1
    28/109 Combusken (rh)x1
    30/109 Electrike X2
    33/109 Hariyama (rh)x1
    34/109 Kirlia X1
    36/109 Lairon X3
    37/109 Lairon (rh)x1
    40/109 Marshtomp (rh)x1,x3
    41/109 Marshtomp X1
    47/109 Vigoroth X1
    48/109 Wailmer X2
    49/109 Aron (rh)x1,x4
    50/109 Aron X1
    53/109 Electrike X2
    55/109 Goldeen X3
    56/109 Makuhita X2
    59/109 Mudkip X5
    60/109 Mudkip X1
    61/109 Numel X5
    62/109 Phanpy X4
    66/109 Ralts X1
    68/109 Ralts X1
    69/109 Shroomish X4
    72/109 Taillow X1
    75/109 Treecko X1
    76/109 Treecko X1
    77/109 Wingull X2
    83/109 Lady Outing X1
    84/109 Lum Berry X1
    85/109 Oran Berry X2
    87/109 Pokemon Reversal X1
    89/109 Prof. Birch (rh)x1,x2
    90/109 Energy Search X2
    92/109 Switch X1
    102/109 Scyther Ex (h )x1
    106/109 Water Energy X6
    108/109 Fire Energy X1

    Aquapolis: /147
    19/147 Kingdra X2
    22/147 Magneton X1
    28/147 Porygon 2 X1
    33/147 Slowbro X1
    48/147 Furret X1
    52/147 Magnemite X2
    58/147 Seadra X3
    84/147 Horsea X4
    85/147 Horsea X1
    86/147 Houndour X3
    90/147 Lickitung (rh)x1
    94/147 Miltank X3
    98/147 Onix X2
    103/147 Porygon X4
    107/147 Sentret X1
    108/147 Slowpoke X2
    113/147 Tentacool X2
    116/147 Vulpix X3
    117/147 Wooper X1
    123/147 Forest Guardian X4
    126/147 Juggler X1
    130/147 Pokemon Fanclub X1
    136/147 Town Volunteers X3
    139/147 Power Plant (rh)x1
    143/147 Metal Energy X1
    148/147 Crystal Kingdra (h )x1
    149/147 Crystal Lugia (h )x1

    Expedition: /165
    4/165 Blastoise (h )x1
    27/165 Skarmory (rh)x1
    45/165 Fearow X1
    82/165 Ivysaur X1
    100/165 Chikorita X1
    112/165 Hoppip X1
    124/165 Pikachu X1
    131/165 Squirtle X1
    132/165 Squirtle X1
    134/165 Totodile X3
    137/165 Bill's Maintenance X6
    138/165 Copycat X1
    140/165 Energy Removal 2 X2
    147/165 Power Charge X1
    148/165 Prof. Elm's Training Method X1
    154/165 Full Heal X2
    155/165 Moo Moo Milk X5
    156/165 Potion X2
    159/165 Metal Energy (rh)x2,x2
    160/165 Fighting Energy X6
    165/165 Water Energy X27

    Skyridge: /h32 /144
    H15/h32 Machamp (h )x1
    H22/h32 Piloswine (h )x1
    16/144 Machamp X1
    24/144 Piloswine X1
    31/144 Steelix X2
    54/144 Eevee X1
    104/144 Staryu X1
    125/144 Fisherman X1
    127/144 Hyper Potion X1
    128/144 Lure Ball X1
    129/144 Miracle Sphere A X1
    131/144 Miracle Sphere Y X1
    138/144 Oracle (rh)x1
    143/144 Cyclone Energy X2

    Neo Genesis: /111
    8/111 Kingdra (h )x1
    23/111 Magby X1
    45/111 Quagsire X1

    Neo Revelation: /64
    48/64 Quagsire X1
    62/64 Pokemon Breeder Field X2

    Neo Discovery: /105
    45/105 Light Dewgong X2
    66/105 Girafarig X1
    81/105 Seel X3
    84/105 Swinub X4
    102/105 Pokemon Personality Test X1

    Neo Destiny: /75
    71/75 Wooper X4

    Gym Challange: /132
    87/132 Misty's Horsea X1

    Blackstar Promo:
    8 Mew X1
    20 Psyduck X1
    24 Birthday Pikachu (h )x1
    31 Cleffa X6
    32 Smeargle X1
    34 Entei (sealed)x2
    35 Pichu (rh)x1
    - Water Energy (h )x3
    - Lighting Energy (h )x1
    - Rainbow Energy (h )x1

    Nintendo Promo:
    001 Kyogre Ex (h )x1
    002 Groudon Ex X1
    003 Treecko (rh)x1
    008 Torchic (rh)x1
    010 Mudkip (rh)x1
    - Darkness Energy (non Winner) (h )x1

    My Needs:
    Rayquaza Ex
    Ampharos Ex

    Blaziken (firestarter)
    Rare Candy (reverse Holo)

    ____________'s Pikachu

    Neo Genesis:

    Promo (nintendo):
    Winner Marshtomp
    Winner Combusken
    Winner Grovyle
    Bagon Promo (3 Types)
    Latios And Latias Promo

    Pikachu Sealed Set Collection
    Booster (neo Set And Above)
    Other Reverse Holo Trainer

    That's All I Need Now And Will Be Updated When I Need Anything Else. :d
  2. registeel

    registeel New Member

    I have Ampharos ex and I'v got 2 elekid's fron the neo Genesis set but one of the elekids has a slight crease and I do have a neo Genesis Cleffa but is in really bad cond. I'm not sure I want to trade them yet cause I kinda like ampharos ex I'm still looking at your stuff I'm not sure what I want yet so I am just letting you know:D

    How much will you offer?
    Last edited: Feb 11, 2004
  3. bertrand

    bertrand New Member

    OK.. I have 1 each of Elekid and Cleffa (both Genesis) for trade. Cleffa I won't trade cheaply.. maybe for a fairly bad holo.

    Cleffa for one of these (your choice):
    [SS]8/100 Lunatone (h )x1
    [SS]9/100 Mawile (h )x1
    [RS]plus #27 Combusken
    [SK]H15/h32 Machamp (h )x1

    Elekid for one of these:
    [SK]16/144 Machamp
    Oracle r/h (the top priority)
    Winner Marshtomp
    Winner Combusken
    Winner Grovyle
    Latios (OR) Latias Promo
  4. registeel

    registeel New Member

    How about my good condition elekid for a oracle? And is oracle in good condition? And uh I don't want to trade cleffa
    Last edited: Feb 12, 2004
  5. Kitshera

    Kitshera New Member

    How does this sound?

    Neo Genesis- Cleffa for your RH Rare Candy? I believe Cleffa is rare. Does that sound good? If not I may be able to offer something a little more.
  6. registeel

    registeel New Member

    how about cleffa and elekid for rayquaza ex?
  7. That all you want?
  8. bertrand

    bertrand New Member


    MY elekid for YOUR (one of these):
    [SK]16/144 Machamp
    Oracle r/h (the top priority)
    Winner Marshtomp
    Winner Combusken
    Winner Grovyle
    Latios (OR) Latias Promo

    and MY cleffa for one of YOUR:
    [SS]8/100 Lunatone (h )x1
    [SS]9/100 Mawile (h )x1
    [SK]H15/h32 Machamp (h )x1
    [RS]plus #27 Combusken
  9. ED6291WAI

    ED6291WAI New Member

    Registeel: I Need Ur Ampharos Ex As Well As The Eleckid Too.lmk, Thanks

    Kitshera: I Also Believe That My The Rare Candy Is Rare And Reverse Holo Too.

    Ancient Pokemon Trainer: I Think That's All I Need Now. Can U Pm Me With Ur Haves?
    Hope To Make A Big Trade With U.lmk, Thanks

    Bertrand: Sorry, I Don't Think I Will Trade 2 Holos For Just Ur 2 Rares.
    Please Make An Fair Offer.
  10. registeel

    registeel New Member

    I'll trade you my Ampharos ex for a Rayquaza ex.
  11. ED6291WAI

    ED6291WAI New Member

    Hi, Ur Link To Ur Haves Don't Work.
    By The Way, I Believe The Rayquaza Ex Is A Hot Wanted Card So I Don't I Will Trade My Rayquaza Ex For Ur Ampharos Ex Only.
  12. registeel

    registeel New Member

  13. ED6291WAI

    ED6291WAI New Member


    Ampharos ex x1

    R/S Rare cards
    Lapras ex x1

    Sandstorm Rare cards
    Typhlosion ex x2
    Aerodactyl x1
    Zangoose x1

    Aquapolis reverse holos
    Warp energy x1

  14. registeel

    registeel New Member

    Well what would you want for Rayquaza ex?
  15. ED6291WAI

    ED6291WAI New Member

    I'm Not Sure What U Can Offer Me So I'll Let U Make An Offer.
    By The Way, Someone Has Offered Me 3 Holos Just For The Rayquaza Ex
  16. registeel

    registeel New Member

    Hm how about Typhlosoin ex and ether Zangoose or Aerodactyl ex you choose.
  17. bertrand

    bertrand New Member

    OK.. I kind need my Cleffa anyway..

    How about my Elekid for your r/h Oracle?
  18. ED6291WAI

    ED6291WAI New Member

    How About Ur Ampharos Ex And Typhlosion Ex And Other Ex?
  19. registeel

    registeel New Member

    Oh sorry I can't trade with you I live in the U.S. if we traded it would cost like 6 Dollars to ship then it would probly get lost sorry
    Last edited: Feb 15, 2004
  20. I have Winner Combusken , Marshtomp , and Grovyle.What RH trainers do you want?
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