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    this is my report on canadian nats

    days before
    I've choosen to play torteriffice for nats and it works very well but the night before I just cant get to sleep and oly get 5 hours or sleep.

    day of nats-I have to get up really early because my friend is picking me up and that just made me even in less condition to play.

    round one-Kyavon-Garchomp
    I had a good start and he did too,we were at 3-3 and I was going to evolve my grotle to torterra that wuld most likely make me win and he said I can't because he said I evloved it to grotle this turn whe nI did so like 2 turns ago,we get a an offical and they have no idea so they just say I cant and thats how I lost. in the end he came 2nd or 1st


    Round 2 I think Muskove Lv.X-random deck
    he had bad start I didn't I won.


    Round 3-someone form team alberta PLOX
    I had good start but then I say him get a rare candy and he celio'd and I was freaking because I thought he was getting gallade and if he did I would have lost but he got gardevour. the rest of the mach was just gardevours and I beat him.


    Round 4 Lorence-Electivier/garchomp
    I had a bad start and I let him set up and that was game.


    Round 5 dont know name PLOX
    I have played this guy many times and he is very good so I thought I was going to lose but T2 Crystal beach and that killed him the only got one gallade set up when I had only one prize left and I won.

    Now I was thinking that I could make top 8 and I was very mad when came tenth

    In the end my friend cor came 5th and got invite to worlds because one of the guys in top 4 had one.


    came 10th and got 9 packs

    out of top 8
    not makeing top 8
    not a good show up
    now only DP on
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