Canadians almost steal it again, 2nd place Washington

Discussion in 'State/Province/Territory Championships' started by Lucario-Master, Mar 20, 2011.

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  1. Lucario-Master

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    For the first week of SPT i played my own provs in BC, went 3-3 with luxchomp but the loses where a combination of donks,misplays and topdecks. Very bad week for me but w/e, just need to play better for next week.
    We go down to tacoma the night before, we got stuck in traffing coming out of seattle:frown:,But we get there and i test with cor a bit and go to bed.
    Next day we get down to the venue and reg, im playing the same luxchomp as the week before but with a few changes adding promocroak and chatot(both really worked well)
    A video deck article for it is here.

    Round 1 theme deck
    Its a theme deck, i got a slow start but still 6-0d it.

    Round 2 Machamp
    I get an ok start and he gets machamp T2, i fight his machamps with a combonation of uxie lv.X and big daddy honcho, able to stop him from setting up more machamps and take if from there.

    Round 3 Cor (Magnezone)
    I was playing one of my friends and that sucked:frown:.
    We both get fine starts but he is able to get magnezones up and im able to get in good positions a few times but his judges stop most of my plans and cant do anything.

    Round 4 Machamp
    He gets a machoke out but i rush it, i look at my prizes and both my murkrow and uxieX are prized and i started with azelf... he brings up smirgle and i spray it, then i toxic fang it, he gets another machamp and i 80 it, his smeagle dies on his turn and he kos my garchomp, i uxie it for ko and he brings up another smearle that i spray, then toxic fang again, he cant get anything and i stop him from getting another machamp and just sweep.

    Round 5 luxchomp
    Sorry i forget everyones name, im bad at names, but i've played this guy 2 times before.
    We both get slow starts and are kinda waiting to see who attacks first, i get somewhat setup with chatot and he cant get a supporter so i can take a lead, he starts to come back without any supporters still, cant remember the rest because luxchomp mirrors are soo much of the same moves but different order.
    I come out on top but it helped that he never used a cyrus.

    Round 6 Luxchomp
    I start with ambipom and he starts with chatot, go'se first and puts DCE on chatot and passes (with garchomp and other cards on bench) This seemed like a really weird play and the only thing that i could think of that being right is if he had seeker, so i get out luxray to kill the chatot and then he played azelf, time walked and seekered it to time walk again:biggrin:.I we trade prizes and like i said its luxchomp mirror so its a bunch of plays like ambipom,garchomp,dragonite..ect Im able to win but i cant remember how.

    Round 7Vilegar
    He starts with spiritomb and passes, i bite it with luxray, he lookers himself and gets oddish and evo's into gloom, i bright look the gloom 2 bat drop the spititomb and trash bolt the gloom for game.

    I make T16 in 6th seed, there are 4 canadians in T16 masters and 3 in T8 senoirs, 7 out of the 12 canadians that came down made top cut was good!:thumb:

    T16 Tyler? Vilegar/Lostgar
    Game 1
    We both get ok starts, i started with honcho and get T2 honchkorw out, take 2 prizes with it and then he kills it with gengar, i get his gengar X to 130 but he seekers it:frown:. I snipe some small things and with the game with that.
    G2 He go'se for the lost world plan but when my hand was one pokemon and all trainers he is in a bad spot,i dont let him get any SF gengars up and he can only do 40 while i can do more, times called and he cant take the 4 prizes and i was ahead anyway.

    T8 Cor (Magnezone)
    Playing my friend again and in top 8:frown:, w/e if i were to lose to anyone it should be cor.
    Game 1
    He gets a magnezone wiht spiritomb but i bright look it and 60 it, then rush it for KO, he has trouble getting magnezones and energy on the board and i keep a good lead, he scoops when i promocroak his magnezone.
    Game 2
    He starts off with magnemite on the bench and i was able to luxray it, then he gets collector and starts setting up, i keep on applying pressure and and able to take out magnezones and regirocks, slowing him down alot. He starts making a comeback but i am too far ahead and snipe fore the last few prizes.
    Sucks that i had to beat him and when we tested the night before he had won all the games so it prob was in his favor.

    T4 VileTAR
    Game 1
    He starts with unown q and i start with luxray energy and gain...not the best way to start off top 4
    Game 2
    He gets T2 T-tar and i take out his oddish while he spreads, he kills my garchomp and i promocroak for the ko,he send up some random uxies while keeping his pupitar with belt on bench,i take them out and he is able to get a T-tar up and spreads some more, i double rush it for game.

    T2 Dylan Chenlock
    Game 1
    I get an ok start and take out his garchomps, he gets me to run out of steam fast with initiative but chatot keeps me going, but he has alot more cards then me and just can do more late game, i scoop when i dont see anyway to win.
    Game 2
    I start off well with Uxie X T2 and snipe his garchomp but after that i dont have much, he gets set up and after that he had everything that he woud need for every turn, i get to a point where i have twins but i still cant KO his garchompX i do 100 but he turns and brings up other garchomp and Kos mine, he gets down to 2 prizes and i start making a comeback with luxrays, but he sprayed all my bright looks so im only doing 60 to garchomp Xs, and the last turn he sprayed my 3rd bright look with his 4th spray to stop me from koing his garchomp with energy that would have put me in position to make comeback and then just rush's me for last prize...

    It was a good event and my only loses where to my friend with a deck that i cant do much agains and to my opponent just having way more then me both games.
    Very good event and happy about everything.
    Jack came secound in senoirs too, canada almost stole the wins like at last years but cant complain considering the amount of americans to canadians.

    Cor for helping me fix my deck last secound
    Jack for coming secound
    Sebation for coming T8
    BDA for almost making cut at 5-2
    Good event
    Good judging/timing
    Mom for driving me down.
    Julian making T16 ( i guess)
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  2. Dual_Draw

    Dual_Draw New Member

    My list minus 1 =P. Congrats on 2nd.
  3. kwisdumb

    kwisdumb Active Member

    Congrats my dude. :D
  4. KAZUTO!!!

    KAZUTO!!! New Member

    Nice job Kevin, too bad we didn't steal their 1st Place [DEL]Trophies[/DEL] Medals. Next year eh?
  5. Bidier

    Bidier New Member

    am off by 4%, sam on the other hand was like WAY off, so please fix this :D
  6. ATJdragon

    ATJdragon New Member

    darn close but good job nonetheless
  7. Lucario-Master

    Lucario-Master New Member

    Thnx everyone, hopefully i just need to do well at regs to get a rating invite to worlds, would be really nice for first year masters, but i shouldn't expect to do well, right BDA/Julian?lol

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