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  1. The new nintendo card illistrator contest is all kids this time:

    Become a Pokémon Card Illustrator!


    BURBANK, CA (February 11, 2004) — Calling all Pokémon fans – here’s the chance you’ve all been waiting for… Kids’ WB! joins forces with Nintendo for the most exciting and “interactive” promotion yet. Now for the first time in Kids’ WB! history, kids have the opportunity to get creative and become official Pokémon Trading Card Game (TCG) card illustrators in the “Kids’ WB! Poké Card Creator Contest.” Fans of the popular series and card game will get the chance to design an original TCG card featuring one of the following five Pokémon: Pikachu, Mudkip, Treecko, Torchic and Wurmple.

    Five Grand Prize winners will be selected – one design for each character – and will have their names credited as the illustrator on their TCG card creations. The five original cards will be produced into exclusive Kids’ WB! Pokémon TCG collectible booster packs. The Grand Prize winners also will receive 50 sets of the exclusive booster pack and a $500 Target GiftCard. Five thousand first-prize winners will receive one set of the five card collectible booster packs designed by the five Grand Prize winners.

    To be eligible to win the “Kids’ WB! Poké Card Creator Contest,” Kids’ WB! will direct viewers to go online to the week of February 16, to review the official rules and download the Pokémon entry form provided to design their own collectible Pokémon TCG card. Kids also can obtain an entry form at all Target snack bar areas. Entries can only be submitted through U.S. mail and must be postmarked by Saturday, April 10, 2004.

    Kids’ WB! will help get the creative juices flowing when it jump-starts the cool contest on Monday, February 16, highlighting the five Pokémon that will be featured on their own original trading card during the 4:00 p.m. ET/PT airing of Pokémon all week long.

    This is the info had.
    I am kinda shocked but then again knowing nintendo and thier focus im not. Ohh well there goes my idea for treecko.
    Ill add the idea to the create a card section later :p
    Good luck to all who enter. Me being an adult now i cant compete :mad:
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    Since there's already a thread about this, locking as redundant. Please be sure to check the forums BEFORE posting a new topic; this topic's been under discussion for several days already. Thanks for understanding...

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