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    Hi Pokégym, I’m back. I’m sorry for dropping Project CR, but life and writer’s block were getting in the way. Now, I have decided to do something a little different. Enjoy.

    Seven choices, each one unique that would change both of their lives. Would he still be her friend, her partner afterwards? What if she messed up? He couldn't just leave without her. Sure, the professor in charge was nice, always taking good care of his visitors, but living here wasn't what she wanted. On the road, by his side, that was what life was.

    Why were they here in the first place? She overheard him talking to the professor about "Signs of Evolution" and it was obvious what they meant. Change was coming, fast. She would make her own choice, do it on her own terms. But which one? Rushing water, shocking thunder, blazing fire, bright sun, ethereal moon, verdant nature, or cold ice? Which one suited her best? What she wanted... what she wanted was to continue traveling, to continue living a life of adventure. Oh. She could let him decide of course. He would know. Who else knew her better? That day oh so long ago still stayed in her mind perfectly, not a detail missing.

    She couldn't remember her family. It's not like she had amnesia. She was just too young. Her first memory was of his father, finding her injured by the waterside. Something had attacked her and she was taken to their home to recover. With nowhere else to go, she stayed. That's when she met him. They had stayed inseparable since, eventually leaving home for the world. His mother gave him a pendant then, told him to hold on to it and give it to someone he could trust.

    The first badge they won was at Pewter City, quite a feat, due to her type. They had help from a TM, Shadow Ball, but it was still quite a feat. That moment of pride, of happiness was the greatest she had felt in her life. It was a rush, plain and pure. It couldn't stop here, could it? Traveling, training, reaching ever higher, that was everything. He wouldn't be so cruel as to end it, would he?

    "Hey Eevee, I've got something for you." He turned toward her with his hand clutched tight. She closed her eyes. Trust. She needed to trust that he would make the right choice, that he would stay by her. Opening her eyes, the world turned white.


    Please comment and tell me about any mistakes you see. I was looking through my binder and randomly had the idea to write stories based on cards. I'll be writing more in different styles. Feel free to post suggestions for cards to use. Thank you for reading.
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    Not quite sure what this has to do with cards, but it is pretty good so far.
  3. LegendCallerL

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    Click on the chapter title. The chapters are each separate short stories based on Pokémon cards, like the Eevee shown in the link. If there are any suggestions for cards I could write about, I would gladly accept them.
  4. JewelQuest

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    Leafeon? (My favorite Pokemon)
  5. Could you write a story about Tyranitar δ, Or do you only do newer cards?
  6. LegendCallerL

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    "I am not sure that would be such a good idea." As the scientist said that, his reservations became evident. "It functions fine already. Why would we need to update it again?"

    "That's why we should do this. If the first Upgrade worked this well, this should make it even better!"

    "That Disc seems rather Dubious to me. Where did you even get it?"

    "I found it on the floor in the P2 Lab."

    "You do not see the problem in that?"

    "What problem?"

    Collect data, sort data, store data. The Porygon-2's job was rote, menial. Not that it cared.This was its purpose, seeing how it was literally created for this. The Upgrade that had come a few months back, (Exactly 97 days, 2 hours, 5 minutes, and 53 seconds ago) had helped make the job easier.

    "At least let me analyze the disk first!"

    "Go ahead. I'm not stopping you."

    Inserting the Disc into the computer, the scientist began to worry about the mental health of his current assistant. The last one did not last long before having to quit and the Admins did not want anyone else useful to get away. That would probably explain their choice in his latest coworker.


    The massive stream of data that poured out immediately aroused his suspicions. Before he knew it, whatever that was on this Disc immediately started to install itself on Porygon-2. Desperately typing away at the controls, the Rocket scientist started to yell at the other person in the room.

    "What did you do?!"

    Within seconds the Porygon-2 knew something had changed. It felt the lines of code flow into it, just like the first Upgrade. This one felt different. Nothing else to say about it. Preparing for the necessary changes, it began to recode and evolve.

    "Haha. It's not what I did but what you did. You kept that poor thing cooped up in here for its whole life. It deserved a little freedom and, as a member of Team Plasma, I felt obligated to give it some!"

    "Team Plasma? That group of lunatics out to free all Pokémon?'

    "That's right. It looks like it's time to have some fun!"

    What happened? Everything had been going fine but this new data... This felt off, but at the same time it seemed right. A new purpose was in order. Freedom. Yes, that sounded right. To break out of this jail was the new meaning of existance. And it would start off with this.


    The multicolored laser that had shot out busted a hole in the nearest wall and, being the opportunistic Porygon-Z it was, it skipped out, creating as much mayhem as possible along the way.
    "Looks like it's time for me to make my escape. Exit, stage left!"


    Ethan rushed in, ready to take out as many Team Rocket goons as he could. How could those fiends do such horrible things? Something had to be done.

    "Let them all go or you'll pay!" Unclipping a Poké Ball from his belt, stopping their reign of terror was all he could think about.

    "You're too late kid. Some Team Plasma guy already trashed the place. He took one of our experiments and messed with it. The thing started to attack like crazy and root through the trash."



    Well, what do you think? I started writing this one before any of the recommendations, so sorry if you expected your suggestion. As always, constructive critique is welcome.

    @JewelQuest: Which one? Set name and card number please.

    @AlmightyGoldenGarchomp: I'll write about any card really. Now to come up with a plot for that card...
    EDIT: Oh, and the Rockets are not in the P2 Lab. The person from Team Plasma said he got it from there.
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  7. I like how it tells exactly how porygon-z's new behavior is strange. It would make sense when the dubious disc is in the P2 lab. What were the rockets doing in there? I don't know how copies got on route 225, route 42 or team galactic HQ (were they messing with that as well?), but it does fit to find the dubious disc made by team plasma.

    Good job!
  8. JewelQuest

    JewelQuest New Member

    That was cool!

    As for my card:
    Leafeon LV.X
    Majestic Dawn.
  9. LegendCallerL

    LegendCallerL Member


    Who were they to judge what was just or not? They were mortal, fallible just like everyone else, were they not?


    It's not like his sole purpose was just destruction. "If it rampages, it knocks down mountains and buries rivers. Maps must be redrawn afterward." Key word being if.


    They thought they drove him off for the sake of their town, for their protection. They just thought of themselves.


    He was Dark so he just had to be evil, right?


    Why would he have any reason to destroy their town? He was just passing by.


    Of course he would try to fight back. Had they never heard of justified self-defense?


    He had just recently heard stories of a Pokémon called Cobalion, a hero of Unova.


    To shed the Darkness and take on a new mantle of cold Steel, was the path clear to him, returning only to show just what they had forced him to do.



    Observation #1: The energy from the Research Tower had the odd side effect of turning Pokémon into alternate types.

    Observation # 2: The Tyranitar obviously wanted to be a Steel type. Why else would it be pounding away at that hunk of iron ore without destroying anything else? Already, the metal vaguely resembled armor.

    The Holon Researcher saw this as a perfect opportunity.


    Why did he ever think this was a good idea? Sure, the people were nice, or at least nicer than anybody had ever treated him and they had given him a nice job preparing the land for construction in exchange for food and board. It was just that after coming to this place, he felt different. Wrong. There was no undoing this now though. There was nothing to do about it. Just crush, crush, crushing until nightfall. He would go back to crush those who forced him to do this come daybreak.


    @AlmightyGoldenGarchomp: Was that what you wanted, or did you want a different feel? I saw the card and felt a sort of misunderstood soul sort of vibe.

    @JewelQuest: Are you fine/familiar with Pokémon Mystery Dungeon?

    As always, constructive critique is welcome.
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  10. looks good :thumb:

    I was hoping for a little on the fire typing, but it is great as it is. Keep it up! I am really enjoying these short stories of yours.
  11. JewelQuest

    JewelQuest New Member

    Mystery Dungeon is fine. :D

    And the story is great! Tryanitar's grumblings made me lol.
  12. PMysterious

    PMysterious New Member

    (lol) Tyranitar is CRUSHing everything. What is it, The Hulk? Great story and the Holon family finally gets some love since 2007. (Remember those broken cards?)
  13. Ninja Ocelot

    Ninja Ocelot New Member

    i have a brown fist energy and pokemon card what does the fist mean? :confused:
  14. JewelQuest

    JewelQuest New Member

    Fighting Energy. :fighting: You might want to take your questions to the TCG section, though. :smile:

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