CG Mawile's Mining for Tools

Discussion in 'Ask the Rules Team' started by Luxatos, Oct 18, 2007.

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  1. Luxatos

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    CG Mawile' "Mining" attack says: "Search your deck for a Trainer card, show it to your opponent, and put it into your hand. If that card is a Pokemon Tool card, you may attach it to 1 of your Pokemon instead. Shuffle your deck afterward."

    Case 1... suppose I search for Strength Charm which has the text: "Discard Strength Charm at the end of the turn in which this Pokemon attacks." I attach it to Mawile. What happens then? Is it automatically discarded at the end of the turn, or does it stay because it wasn't there for the whole "attack phase"? Same goes for Crystal Shard, which has similar wording. I'd assume that because Mawile attacked, and the tool was attached before the end of the turn, it would get discarded.

    Case 2... suppose I search for (and attach) Buffer Piece, which says "At the end of your opponent's turn after you played Buffer Piece, discard Buffer Piece." I know this is a somewhat weird question, but it would get discarded at the end of the opponent's turn, right, even though it wasn't actually "played"? That would be the intuitive answer.

    I ask because I know that this could come up, and I'm surprised nothing has been asked about it before.
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    Q. If I use "Mining" to attach a Buffer Piece to one of my Pokemon, is it still discarded at the end of my opponent's turn, even though I didn't 'play' it?
    A. Yes, the attachment via the attack is handled as if it was played on the turn of the attack. (Oct 25, 2007 PUI Rules Team)

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