Chad's OR and WA State Championships Report: Magnezone~

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  1. leeroyjenkins

    leeroyjenkins New Member

    So for Oregon states i was racking my brain trying to figure out what to play, Scizor? jumpluff? Mewpyerior? then i cam across Magnezone ran by "Morten".

    I dont know what it is but i love Stage 2 decks. For the grinders this past year i ran Torterra and went 4-3 losing to Sablelock, and two Luxchomps. I took second with Jumpluff in Seattle Cities, and once i saw Magnezone im like sure why not!

    For oregon i ran exactly as Morten did but after talking to a couple notable players here in the NW i needed at least 1 uxie for that dead hand in the early stages of the game. What to drop? i assumed i was gonna see a lot of Gengar so i couldn't drop my Skuntank G i figured i could plow right through Gyarados so why not drop a Magneton? This was an okay choice on my part i didn't run Rare Candy so i was kind of screwed considering i didn't run Palmer's Contribution, but what the heck right just go for it right?

    Oregon State Championships: Salem, OR
    8 Rounds top 16

    Round:1 vs *good oregon player moving somewhere or something* Shuppet Donk

    I shuffle up and sit next to UG Writer Kenny Wisdom. We chat a bit and set up. I start 4 Electric Energy, 1 Unown Q, 1 Broken Time Space, and a Collector. Well there goes round 1.

    I play the Unown Q, set prizes. He sets one active and sighs. i pray to Arceus that i dont get donked. we flip for who goes first and of course i wind up winning the flip. We both flip our actives... Unown Q vs Unown Q. I draw bench a regirock. Attach and Hidden Power. GG.


    Round 2: Andrew Lowe? Donkphan

    Apparently this is one of the top Oregon players, so i was excited to play him. We shake hands set up. I mulligan he sees my 2 magnetons and smiles. I reshuffle set a spiritomb, and a regirock on bench. We flip over his phanphy to my tomb. he attaches i draw, collector for magnemite,magnemite, tomb. Attach to magnemite and darkness grace to a magneton. He draws benches a phanphy, Bebe's for a donphan, earthquake KO.

    I Promote to another tomb and attach to magneton, and darkness grace into a Magnezone Prime. he draws and earthquakes for KO. I draw, bench another magnemite. From here on out i dont remember what happens exactly, i think i get one prize off of him but he pretty much walks over my magnezones, i didnt see one Sunnyshore Gym ; _ ;


    LUNCH: Pizza nom nom nom

    Rround 3 Vs: ??? (Gardevoir/???)

    I start Azelf and regirock on bench. She starts Ralts. She goes first attaches and Future Sight's. I draw energy. Collector for a magnemite, unown q and a tomb. I Q my azelf and retreat to my Tomb and start setting up.

    She benches some stuff and keeps future sighting me, but since im just darkness gracing it doesnt really matter. I think she finally uses hyptnobalst or something and KO's my Tomb, by this time i have a fully loaded bench and 2 magnezones and just Lost Burn my way to 6prizes.


    Round 4: Penny A. (Roselia/Leafeon/Umbreon)

    Penny is a local TO and pretty awesome lady! We seem to play each other EVERY single tournament we attend. At the World's Grinder last year we played each other and yeah its pretty cool.

    We shuffle up and talk about Sakuracon (the upcoming anime convention) and how ere excited and what not. Anyways we set up and flip I start Tomb, Regirock, Energy, Sunnyshore, BTS, and some other useless stuff. From here on out i manage to get up one Magnezone and she brings up her Umbreon and sets up another. from there on out i just draw trash and wind up losing

    it was fun and cant wait to play her again!


    Round 5: ??? (Tyranitar)

    This guy manages to get up one Tyranitar SF and KO a tomb, but by then im Lost Burning 150 a turn and he cant come back. GG


    Around this time i start getting tired and cant remember the next two games but i know i wind up 4-3 here and think to myself i know i cant top cut but maybe i can leave 5-3. The next game was by far one of my most favorite fun games ever in my 2 years playing Pokemon!

    Round 8 Vs Bob (Gyarados)

    He starts sableye to my tomb and magnemite. Impersonates a collector for a karp, karp, regice. I collector for another magnemite, regice, and another tomb. attach to magnemite and Darkness grace into a Magneton. He drops a mesprit and binds me, regimoves, i promote my other tomb, he collectors for karp, karp, and uxie. I bench a magnemite evolve to magnezone and grace again.

    We then start the prize trade. it comes down to one prize each and promote my Q'd azelf, and i need an energy to be able to drop my ERL and go to sudden death. I engineers, nothing, fighting energy, nothing, nothing. i use 2 regi-cycles, i attach a fighting to ERL, play a Sunnyshore Gym and Magnetic draw from a benched magnezone... failed.

    i pass and he Tail Revenged for KO. gg.


    Overall amazing game and most memoriable states yet. I feel i made a lot of misplays during this tournament and feeling quite uncomfortable with the deck, but i had a week to practice and fine tune it to my play style for WA states.

    Ian W. for winning OR in Juniors

    Lack in testing

    Washington State Championships: Tacoma, WA
    7 Rounds Top 16

    Round 1 Vs Alex M (luxchomp)

    Alex is an awesome guy, too bad he was coming down with a cold. We played before in top 4 in seattle, so it was a battle to end all battles.

    We both open great. i start Tomb and i believe 2 Magnemites attach and darkness grace into a Magneton. I continue this for a couple turns while he's unable to spray my regicycles and i contiune to engineers my energy to the discard. At some point o bench a second Tomb and manage to set up 3 Magnezone's.

    He levels up to a Luxray GL Lv.X and announces "Bright Look". I get nervous because i have no Warp Energy in my hand and think hes going to bring my Regirock with no energy active. He targets my benched Spiritomb and im like... "uh... ok?" Next turn i draw into a Warp Energy and warp to my benched Magnezone and start Lost Burning. i saw only one Garchomp C Lv.X that entire game.

    We manage to go to time and it's my 2 prizes to his 3. He Aaron's for his Luxray line and manages to get it out and KO a pixie. I Lost Burn his luxray again and he in turn uses my BTS to get a Bannett out but it was done no way for him to win. GG Alex~


    Round 2 Vs Kenny Wisdom (luxchomp)

    Kenny is a great guy i always love playing him. Our first game ever was in Bremerton, Wa BR. He way playing LuxApe and i was playing Scizor Cherrim. Good times.

    I knew what he was running and vice versa. It was an amazing game and again went to time. In +3 we were tied on prizes and he thought he was going to lose. He was just biding time and i was getting low on energy in my deck i assumed i had this in the bag planning to warp to my benched Relicanth SV and Grand Swell his Luxray. Pulled a fast one and dropped VS Seeker for a Aarons and hot is Garchomp C Lv.X and dragon rushed my Relicanth for game. GG


    NOMS: We go to lunch... nothing aroudn the venue here was open we wound up walking almost a mile, since we couldnt leave the venue or else we'd have to pay again. The restaruant we went to advertised being FAST! REALLY FAST! so good idea right? NO! We wait about 45 minutes and then the staff are so durp... anyways Kenny and I head back since the lady friends were judging and had to leave to do stuffs. we make it back before time is called.

    Round 3 vs Seth? from Oregon (Luxchomp)

    OMG another Luxchomp!!!!! Its okay i guess i needed the practice vs Luxchomp. This guy was cool I think he was a friend of Alex i played earlier.

    This game was pretty uneventful. i think i managed to KO his Luxray and a pixie. He literally got his Promocroak up 5 times and i didn't see one Sunny Shore City Gym the entire game.


    Round 4 Vs ??? (Tyranitar/Shiftry)

    I think this girl was fairly new to the game. I opened Magnemite active and Regirock on bench and Uxie in my hand. i go first attach and pass. She attaches and attacks for 10. I top deck BTS. I drop it, attach Lightening, drop Uxie get magneton, evolve. Engineer's for 4. Get a Magnezone evolve and lost burn for KO. GG.


    Round 5 Vs JimboPro from Pokegym (Vilegar)

    This guy was cool i guess. I sit next to Kenny again and we talk. JimboPro introduces himself and im like "Cool story Bro." He opens spiritomb to my Magnemite. i go second. he attaches a Psy and passes. I collector for Magnemite, Spiritomb, and Regirock. I bench them and retreat to my tomb, attach, and grace into a Magenton. Next turn he manages to get a pretty full bench and grace's into a gloom. I knew i had to keep my hand size down from here on out.

    I manage to set up 2 Magnezone prime and a SF one in our Spirtomb Showdown. Then start the onslaught. I get 2 prizes while he readies his SF Gengars, and let me say fainting spell is something i do not want to go up against. Then it hit me... I removed my Skuntank G for a Relicanth... dang... so i just go for it. Lost Burn 150 KO. He Flips for fainting spell... Tails! Huzzah!

    He promotes another SF Gengar and places 6 on my SF Magnezone. I Lost Burn for KO. He flips... Tails! NICE! He promotes another and KO's my SF Magnezone. I start to set up another Magnemite and I Lost Burn for KO. He flips again and... Heads. Ugh. so i promote a benched Tomb and grace into a Magneton. He gets a few KO's off my pixie and a Regirock while im setting up. Ultimately it came down to one prize each, he has a Gengar active and i have my Magnezone, i announce Lost Burn 150 KO, he flips and Heads sudden death...

    We re-shuffle, time is called but we just get down to it. He has Spirtomb active to my Magnemite. he goes first. Top decks a Gastly and benches and darkness graces to a TM Haunter. I attach energy to my Magnemite, Collector for a Tomb, Q and Uxie. I knew that Uxie would come in hand. I bench the tomb, and Q it. drop a BTS and Setup for however many i know i get the Magnezone and an Azelf, i time walk for the magneton and evolve right away. I pass since i cant Lost Burn. He manages to get the Gengar and shadow room my Uxie. i draw and engineer's for the energy i need. I Communication for a Regirock and Regicycle. I attach to my active and Lost Burn for KO. It came down to this flip. He flips a coin and its... Tails! GG. We shake hands and chat for a bit.


    Round 6 vs ??? (Gyarados)

    This game was pretty much an auto win on my part i managed to get a Magnezone out turn 2 through broken time space, he see's no Rescue Energy the entire game and i just Lost Burn through 3 Gyarados and a few uxies and mesprits.


    Round 7 vs Ozzy (Vilelostgar)

    I watched this guy play last week in Oregon and he was at the top tables quite a bit that day, and i knew he was playing Vilegar. He opens Spiritomb to my active Azelf any benched Unown Q. Here's my thought going from here on out. "its the final round, i'll leave on a winning record which is good for me. im just gonna go all out!"

    We both manage to get our benches filled and i bring active a Magnezone, and regicycle and lost burn his Tomb. He Twins a few times and promotes a Gengar. shadow rooms 6 on my SF Magnezone. I draw attach and Lost Burn for KO, he wins the flip and i promote a benched Magnezone Prime, and lost burn for KO, he succeeds again. I bring a tomb active, he promotes a haunter and evolves to a Gengar Prime and drops 4 on my tomb for KO.

    I top deck a palmers contribution and bring back a magnezone line and 2 electric energy. i had a benched magnemite so i attach. At this point he ask if i ran the level X and suggested that was probably game. In response im like you know its the last game im just gonna play it out. He seems kind of irritated. In my next turn i manage to set up another Magnezone prime with an energy, i promote it active and regicycle, pass. He ask how many in my hand and Hurls. he gets 2 poke's in the lost zone.

    I attach to my active and lost burn for KO. he promotes a spiritomb and bebe's for a Mewtwo. Retreats the tomb and energy absorbs. I draw attach, Engineer's and regicycle. Lost burn for KO and game.


    He was pretty upset, and i was honestly shocked. I should have lost but that one change i made for the Palmer's Contribution saved my Pokebehind. It was an amazing battle and was sure it secured me a spot in the Top 16. Ratings are posted and i came in 31. Oh well no top cut but and amazing day for Magnezone!

    Amazing battles
    Lady Gaga
    Ian W. for winning WA in juniors

    Location of Noms
    Kenny Wisdom for going 3-4 (jk <3)

    Heres the Decklist i used in WA i hope to improve it if possible for Regionals so hit me up with respones!

    4-4-3/1 magnezone prime/ sf
    4- Tomb
    2- Regirock
    1- Azelf
    1- Uxie
    1- unown q
    1- Relicanth SV

    4- collectors
    4- engineers
    2- bebe's
    2- judge
    1- Palmer's Contribution
    2- pokemon communication
    1- luxury ball
    2- bts
    2- sunny shore city gym

    7- Electric
    7- Fight
    2- Warp
    2- Rescue

    feel free to comment and post some suggestions on the deck :p
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  2. Little Lad

    Little Lad New Member

    You honor me Chad.

    I think that if we played those lists ten times, you'd take nine. Yours is a strong deck that can cook the format, thanks for a great match.
  3. JandPDS

    JandPDS New Member

    Good job Chad, you should be happy that you did well enough to top cut. You can control your tiebreaker. Good luck at regionals.
  4. JimboPro

    JimboPro New Member

    "This guy was cool, I guess"... hmm??? "cool story bro" ... huh?

    Also during sudden death you used your magneton to paralyze my spiritomb and I could not draw into the warp energy to win... I had a crobat in hand... but otherwise great job and love the deck... it was good meeting you and hope we get to play again !
  5. JohnnyBlaze

    JohnnyBlaze New Member

    Great report, if Gengar stays big definately drop the Relicanth for Skuntank since that pretty much autowins you that matchup. I didnt read where Relicanth helped you out that much.
  6. Loki126

    Loki126 New Member

    Great Report and great job with your Magnezone! Good luck at Regionals.
  7. kwisdumb

    kwisdumb Active Member

    You my boy Chad. <3333333333333333333
  8. leeroyjenkins

    leeroyjenkins New Member

    lol that wasn't meant to sound rude or anything lol i was just getting tired when writing this and i had to get up for class at 4am @[email protected] sorry if it sounded that way. i had fun playing you and cant wait to do so again :3

    ---------- Post added 03/23/2011 at 04:44 PM ----------

    yeah i never used it but thought it would be good against Umbreon. and i tried to grand swell a couple times but couldnt pull it off. i'll have to test it out more and ultimately see how Regionals looks :thumb:
  9. ShuckleLVX

    ShuckleLVX Active Member

    Did you mean 4-4-3/1 Magnezone, or do you have 4 Prime AND 1 SF?
  10. leeroyjenkins

    leeroyjenkins New Member

    *3 prime 1 SF(conductivity)

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