Champixies (a Machamp deck)

Discussion in 'Deck Help and Strategy' started by punkymon, Mar 5, 2011.

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  1. punkymon

    punkymon New Member

    This is a basic Machamp deck, the strategy is having a sf Machamp quickly to use take out and using a Machamp prime if needed.

    22 Pokémon:
    4 Machop sf
    2 Machoke sf
    3 Machamp sf
    1 Machamp prime tm
    3 Uxie la
    1 Uxie lv.x la
    1 Azelf la
    1 Mesprit la
    1 Unown Q md
    4 Smeargle ud
    1 Zangoose pl

    28 t/s/s:
    3 bebe's search
    1 pokemon communication
    3 pokemon collector
    1 luxuary ball
    2 seeker
    1 judge
    1 twins
    1 palmer's contribution

    3 junk arm
    4 poke drawer
    4 rare candy
    2 broken time space
    2 warp point

    10 energy:
    3 dce
    7 fighting

    Have you got some idea to increase my chance vs gyarados and / or gengar ?
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  2. GameStoreGrump

    GameStoreGrump New Member

    The two biggest Gengar decks I play against with my Donchamp are LostGar and VileGar. I found that adding in a Regice helps. I use it to discard Trainers/Supporters/Stadiums for Vilegar for Poltergeist, and extra Pokemon for Lostgar for Hurl into Darkness.

    As far as a Gyardos Matchup, the only thing I've thought of is Technical Machine TS-2. I don't run it (It's my 61st card. :frown:), but it works as a good revenge kill.
  3. punkymon

    punkymon New Member

    I don't like the regice idea, I know it's good vs gengar decks (I'm used to play Gdos) but I don't have enough stuff to prevent a regice start.
    A regice start can be very very bad, it can cost me a game vs an SP deck.

    I like the ts-2 idea, it's just one card but it's one more trainer card.

    Have you tried to fit a luxray gl lv.x in your donchamp ?
    I would like to fit it in this machamp deck but i don't see what to pull off.
  4. GameStoreGrump

    GameStoreGrump New Member

    I haven't tried it. I do see the benefits however. Bright Look to bring up an annoying bench, Vileplume comes to mind. Then give it the old One, Two, Three, Four with Machamp. To really make it effective, you would have to throw in PokeTurns or Super Scoop Ups. Seeker's good, but just 2 with 1 Vs. Seeker will not give you the consistency you need.
  5. punkymon

    punkymon New Member

    You're right, seeker is good but if I want to fit in a Luxray gl lv.x and use it efficiently maybe I have to reconsider some choices like the pokedrawers.
  6. chopemdown

    chopemdown New Member

    luxray imo isnt worth it in this deck... -1uxie +1 smeargle if you want i think it helps in gengar matchups as well as a few others either take out uxie x and mesprit for 1-1 donphan or take out some trainers/supporters i would at least and switch a sf machamp to a prime so 2sf/2prime and try to squeeze 2donphan i dunno your call.
    -3 junk arm
    -4 drawer
    -1 candy

    +1(switch or warp)
    +1 bebe
    +1 communication
    +1 pont(prof oaks new theory)
    +1 e belt
    +1 seeker
    +1 bts
    +1 interviwers questions
  7. Organic

    Organic New Member

    4 candy = drop machoke to 2.
  8. punkymon

    punkymon New Member

    thanks a lot for all of your advices, they were helpfull.

    I've edited the list, please take a look and tell me what you think about this new one.
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