Chaos Crush

Discussion in 'Deck Help and Strategy' started by ShadowOfTyranitar, Oct 10, 2003.

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  1. ShadowOfTyranitar

    ShadowOfTyranitar New Member

    Chaos Crush

    4 eevee(ss)
    3 espeon(ss)
    2 vaporeon(ss)
    3 marill(free retreat ss)
    2 psyduck(ss)
    2 golduck(ss)
    1 wynaut
    1 wobbuffet

    4 copycat
    4 research
    4 claw fossil
    3 oracle
    3 switch
    4 moo-moo milk
    2 town voulenteers
    2 fan club
    2 master ball

    7 psychic
    7 water

    I'm seriously considering dropping the golduck evolution line for starmie, but golduck's chaos flash is just evil(if you get heads :lol: ). I might also add in more wynaut and wobbuffet. I'm still adjusting to no elm, elm was what made my high draw power work. Well, rate/fix, preferably fix. Thanks.
  2. Pidgeotto Trainer

    Pidgeotto Trainer New Member

    No boosts for Espeon? They are very helpful in the Espeon deck I've been testing. I would drop a Marril and a trainer like Oracle for another Wynaut and Wobuffet.
  3. ShadowOfTyranitar

    ShadowOfTyranitar New Member


    I only own 1 Wobbuffet and 1 Boost, I can't really add any of either :lol: But Boost could work well if I took out Duck and added Starmie. Both could effectively use Boost...
  4. regice froze you

    regice froze you New Member

    Instead of mairl for reteat, use Jolteon form skyridge.
    Last edited: Feb 20, 2004
  5. duanojo

    duanojo New Member

    Starmie's a killer, but Golduck is such a fun card. I'd drop two of the fossils for two High Pressure System stadiums to give Golduck a free retreat. I'd also add a switch and add a couple of Warp Energies if you have them, dropping the last two fossils and a Water energy.

    Then you can make Goldy your active, use his power, and retreat to bring up Wobbuffet or Espy. Next turn, switch or warp out your active, put Goldy back in and repeat. This combo can be killer. Too bad there are no decent defensive Psychic Pokes with a free retreat.

    Also, since you're running a multi-energy deck, try putting some Multi Energies in.

    I've been trying to find a good combo for Golduck for a while, and I like this deck.
  6. bulbasnore

    bulbasnore Administrator Staff Member Trader Feedback Mod

    Yah, PT is right, the boosts are a must... or something that will help your recovery (if this is a tourney deck). All your lines are OHKO to the big decks. You're not going to be able to hold a 'conversation' with Blaze/whatever, Gardy or Amphy. What you have to be able to do is make your 'one word edgewise' count.

    Your X is up doing damage, and you have an energy on a benched poke, Z.
    Up comes their big hitter. Wham, bye X.
    Now, how to power up the Z, 'cause he's only going to get one shot? Boost is one way.

    If not boost, then what is your recovery from one hit knock out? Use Wob? But, you're short on both, that's a problem. All those decks have ways of repeating OHKO until you KO their big hitter...and even then...

    OH, and crystal shard? Need +2 if you expect to see any Salmence or BlazeQuaza.

    You might consider AQ Donphan/Sky Rhydon instead of 'Duck (I see you like him), cause then you can have the weakness of Gard/Amph/Blaze sitting on the bench ready to counter-whack when they get your fist guy.

    Hope that's something good to think about.
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