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Discussion in 'Deck Help and Strategy' started by Lion_of_Darkness, Aug 26, 2003.

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  1. Lion_of_Darkness

    Lion_of_Darkness New Member

    Here's my Chaos Gym deck. I can easily stall my opponent until I get the Trainers I need so I can play Chaos Gym afterwards. Chaos Gym (and other cards) protect my Pokemon from ER/SERs, and they can work better than Slowking, in some cases! I made it fast, yet able to stall Trainers during most of the game. Here it is:

    3 Rocket's Zapdos
    3 Sneasel
    3 Cleffa
    2 Grimer
    2 Muk

    4 Computer Search
    4 Copycat
    4 Erika
    3 Rocket's Sneak Attack
    3 Impostor Oak's Revenge
    3 Lass
    3 Chaos Gym
    3 Gold Berry
    3 Focus Band
    2 Gust of Wind

    7 Lightning Energy
    4 Darkness Energy
    2 Rainbow Energy
    2 Warp Energy

    It looks simple, but you have to play it just right, believe me!
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  2. dkates

    dkates New Member

    Since you already have Muk to stop Pokemon Powers (and no other Powers of your own), why not add in Pichu to combat their Powers? You could take out one each of Copycat and Erika to fit them in.
  3. Lion_of_Darkness

    Lion_of_Darkness New Member

    Why would I do that? I want to keep those useless Pokemon w/powers on the bench (Slowking and more!)! And I want to keep my Muks, too. And Copycat and Erika are two of the biggest needs in my deck...
  4. Lion_of_Darkness

    Lion_of_Darkness New Member

    Anyone else? I need more opinions... I'd like to improve my deck. And I don't want anything that could hurt me in my deck other than Chaos Gym. That means no Resistance Gym, Pichu, Healing Field, etc...
  5. Magnechu

    Magnechu Active Member

    This is such a great deck. I don't think I can fix it except that you MAY want to remove one Energy for another Gust of Wind. I think that this is the ultimate disruption deck for Unlimited and it's a real great deck. I'v played a deck similar to this once, but mine was nothing compared to this.

    9.9/10 (It feels weird giving a 10, so I didn't want to)

    Also Lion, I have 2 Rocket's Sneak Attack, 1 English and 1 Japanese, if you want to PM me.
  6. dkates

    dkates New Member

    You need ways to shuffle cards back into your deck, to avoid decking yourself. Try to find room for at least 1 Town Volunteers and 2 Power Charge. Nightly Garbage Run would also help in this regard.
  7. Pokeplayer

    Pokeplayer New Member

    I would add in a couple item finder, a tyrouge and a sprout tower gym in case you go against a
    Clefary/Clefable deck......Take out one copycat, comp search and erica....
  8. Lion_of_Darkness

    Lion_of_Darkness New Member

    Well, Cleffa would take care of that in most situations. And without Oak in this deck, Cleffa should have no problem with anti-decking. In most cases, I won't even have that problem with the way this deck is set up and how it works! Hand disruption is what I'm trying to do, here. Does anyone have anything that could help with the strategy without slowing it down?

    And thanks for the compliment, Magnechu. This is my first hand disruption deck, but knowing the strategy I just built the deck how it would work best under Nintendo rules. I've seen other decks like this, but I wanted to make it faster while still working under Nintendo rules!
  9. Mr_Fuji

    Mr_Fuji New Member

    Mioght I ask the purpose of COpyCat? With Chaos Gym out on the field, This could serious cripple yourself. By using Erika, both plaqyers get advantage in hand size. But if you were to draw CopyCat from the erika and decide to use it, if it doesnt work, you just gave your opponent not only your old hand size, but then add 3 cards!

    I'm sorry, but Chaos Gym just does NOT belong in trap decks, IMO.

  10. dkates

    dkates New Member

    Mr_Fuji's right about Chaos Gym. Instead, try using Ecogym or No Removal Gym. They don't hinder all Trainers, but Ecogym makes most ER'd/SER'd Energy go back to the hand (useful against a Wigglytuff deck, which probably would still lose most of its Energies), or No Removal Gym makes players discard 2 cards to play ER/SER -- useful for you, since you have Rocket's Zapdos and can use it to discard Lightning Energy, but probably pretty harmful to your opponent. Item Finder might also help. This does look like a very good deck!
  11. Lion_of_Darkness

    Lion_of_Darkness New Member

    Copycat is only for use before Chaos Gym, like most of the Trainers in this deck. Magnechu should know how to play this deck, so he'll tell you. Focus Band and Gold Berry should only be used afterwards. What you're supposed to do is go REALLY fast and get everything you need out and then play Chaos Gym and take them out quickly. No smart players will even try a SER with Chaos Gym out unless they are in a really tough spot. Besides, it makes sense with the entire strategy being disruption! And Copycat goes well with Erika because you can take advantage of their huge hand before you take it down using IOR/RSA. That is, until you play Chaos Gym. Then you shouldn't have to play Copycat if you play the deck right!

    And Fuji, this is my style, because it has worked for me and others. I'm not insulting you :) . I just know that it took me a long time to get to know how to play this deck, like most new decks. And I'm sure I have no idea how Magnechu knows how to play all of these ideas/archetypes in Unlimited before I even post them! He must have a lot of time on his hands to test out every one of these strategies...
  12. Magnechu

    Magnechu Active Member

    Well, I haven't tested out EVERY strategy, but I've read about them and I've tried lesser versions of a lot of decks. I played Dark Muk, actually. He pwns!! Anyway, I love your deck.
  13. Lion_of_Darkness

    Lion_of_Darkness New Member

    Well, whatever you're doing, it's good to have someone who knows the decks and is able to fix the deck the way it's supposed to be fixed. Knowing how the deck works makes ALL the difference.
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